GUJARAT VERDICT 2012 – A Rigged Mandate? Questions that call for answers

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GUJARAT VERDICT 2012Rejecting the Gujarat Verdict 2012 in view of the strong anti-Modi wave and atmosphere in Gujarat social activists from Gujarat released following questions and points at a press conference today organised at the Deputy Chairman Hall, Constitution Club of India. Among those who addressed the media were Uttam Parmar from Jan Lok Samiti, Manan Trivedi, Tanvi Soni, Dev Desai, Manish Dhakad and Shabnam Hashmi. A DVD of Bole Gujarat videos was released. Unheard Voices from Maninagar, Modi’s constituency was screened debunking the hype around vibrant and developed Gujarat.


1. Corporate media totally blocked from the nation the strong dissent that was taking place in Gujarat. Demonstrations, dharnas, strikes, opposition by the government employees, farmers, Tribals, aanganwadi and asha workers, women both middle class and poor on the question of women security, Dalits , students and youth in general, parents of the missing children, anti-corruption, movements by maldharis, unorganised workers and hundreds of such protests   were all blacked out systematically.

2. Gujarat has mainly two political parties and if Modi was to be defeated then Congress was the only force which could have done it. For the first time in ten years Congress was highly visible and led a strong opposition from the grass root to the social media despite all its inherent problems.

3. Congress’s 12 programme got a huge response from the people and especially Ghar nu Ghar a scheme was a major hit and over 40 lakh women filled the forms.

4. The development bubble had totally burst for the major section of the population except a small percentage of middle class. Even within this class the growing insecurity of women became a major question.

5. Rural Gujarat suffering from poverty, no water, health facilities, education showed huge discontent.

6. Modi’s 3D used to attract people was a flop in majority of areas. Photographs of empty chairs appeared regularly in local print media and even local channels.

7. Modi was visibly shaken and nervous and according to the media reports shifted huge number of files from CM residence before and after the first round of polling.

8. Many prominent BJP leaders who never visited their constituencies were seen going from area to area asking for votes.

9. Huge numbers of urban poor, tribals, dalits and women came out and voted from the most marginalised sections.

10.  On 17th after giving his vote on 17th Modi came out, declared that he was winning and his body language was very confident- a big departure from his condition of the last one month.

11.  On 20th once the results came in and except for the crowd outside BJP office there were no celebrations, no one on the roads shouting on motorcycles, no fire crackers. In fact there was an uneasy calm. People from across Gujarat not only called us up but all around there was an atmosphere of disbelief including atleast 10-15% urban middle class.

12.  What happened between the 15th evening and 17th morning that turned the tables is a big question?

13.  Despite the claims of the election Commission we do not rule out the possibility of EVM machines being compromised by using programming. It has happened in many developed countries.

14.  What were the US diplomats : Robert W Carlson, Consul for Political and Economic Affairs; Brafus Kaalund, Vice Consul for Political Affairs doing in Gujarat just before the elections? There were also several foreign diplomats and reporters parked in Gujarat.

15.  Why on the very next day after the results US made a statement- ‘Gujarat remains an important state for American investment and has shown itself to be a very welcoming environment where American businesses flourish’ State Department spokesperson.

16.  Was the total blockade, of the dissent within Gujarat, done so that after Modi wins the election again the people across India say: Oh we knew it, he was going to win?

We have many examples in South Asia and other countries of the world where foreign powers have propped up dictators to kill flourishing democracies by manipulating results.

We call upon the conscience of the nation, political parties, media to rise above the interest of their individual parties, corporate houses and conduct an independent investigation into the Gujarat Verdict 2012. We also demand that use of EVM machines should be abandoned in any future elections. We do not hold any brief for the Congress, however we also appeal to the Congress to revisit the results and investigate. It seems Congress is so used to the defeat in Gujarat that it is shying away from questioning a verdict which was turned over night. If Gujarat was used as the laboratory of the hate ideology it can also be used as the laboratory of undermining the democracy further.


– anti modi activists

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