Halt to selective targeting of NGOs, activists demanded

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New Delhi, October 30, 2017: A group of leaders and scholars from different backgrounds on Monday urged the central government to “refrain from targeting any organisation or group as part of its political agenda” so as to ensure their freedom.

The group includes senior lawyer Prashant Bushan, writers K. Sachidanand and Nivedida Menon and film producer Gopal Menon.

In a joint statement, they demanded a halt on “demonising social activists, NGOs, the impartial media, the progressive and minority organisations and Muslims” who seek a peaceful and secure life in harmony with their fellow citizens.

“While hate-mongers and extremist outfits connected with Hindutva politics roam free by dividing people and instigating violence on religious minorities and progressive sections, the central government and state governments under its control remain passive without fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities,” the statement said.

The signatories to the statement also included representatives of the Delhi State Minorities Commission, All India Milli Council, Rashtriya Dalit Mahasabha, South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre, Welfare Party of India, Alliance for Justice and Peace, Dalit Voice, Jamiathul Ulama-e-Hind and the National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations.

“A… vilification campaign is being intensified by some government agencies with the help of a section of media that are biased against minorities and progressive groups. The atmosphere of hatred being created against them is with a specific and calculated purpose,” they stated.

This campaign, they said, was an attempt by the Bharatiya Janata Party government to muzzle the voices of dissent.

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