Karnataka anti-Christian attacks intensify

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House Ransaked Mangalore, December 28, 2011: Hebron Assembly Church and Pastor’s house ransaked in Mangalore *Church Attacks – Surathkal & Haleangadi *Nativity Crib burnt in Mangalore.Today at about 9.40pm Hindu radicals ranskaed ten year old Hebron Assembly Church at Hallengadi, in Mulki , Mangalore District. The radicals also trespassed into pastor Prasanna’s (40) house and destroyed all the house hold items. The doors and windows of the Hebron church were also badly damaged in the attack. An FIR is lodged in the Mulki policve station.

On 7th April ’11, The incident reported earlier with regard to the Ebenezer Mercy Home in Mulki, near Mangalore, is unravelling itself as a well-planned conspiracy by the Sangh Parivar activists. The systematically planned story goes back to a few days earlier to Saturday, 2nd April, the day when the Women and Child Welfare Department officials and the Mulki police raided the Ebenezer Mercy Home situated on Haleangady- Pakshikere Road, and took into custody 28 children who were allegedly being ill-treated, and shifted them to the remand home. It is learnt now that a couple of days earlier to that a group Sangh Parivar activists had barged into the Mercy Home and threatened Pastor K.J Joy, his wife Elizabeth and their sons Joel and Joby that there had been complaints against them that they had been ill-treating the children and that there was also a complaint of sexual harassment of one of the children. They threatened them with dire consequences.
Please Pray for Karnataka

– mnn

Church Attacks – Surathkal & Haleangadi

Karnataka, December 28, 2011:  How safe Christians/Churches are in Mangalore, Dakshina Kannada with Police apparently joining hand in glove with Bajrang Dal activists in the background of escalating Church  Attacks/Criminal  Assaults on Christian Leaders /Believers at the yearend, 2011.

Case No:1: On 25th December, 2011(Sunday-Christmas Day)) Pr.Suresh, of New Life Church, Surathkal along with his family and a few other believers were invited by one Adiveppa Kashennavar, one of the members of the said Church for a Christmas Dinner Party in his house. At about 8.30 p.m. while having dinner, around 20 persons forcefully entered the house with big stones/sticks/clubs in their hands shouting with abusive language and started assaulting all of them, including women and children, thrashing all over their bodies causing head and chest injuries. Though the inmates of the house told that all of them were there for the Christmas Meal showing them the plates they were eating, the assaulters took the plates and vessels and threw them all around. The assaulters shouted constantly – “Are there Hindus here”? – and continued their assault wounding many of them, some very seriously.

One Jason, got his leg fractured because of the heavy beating with club. Some received head injuries resulting in bleeding. Another Deepak was beaten on the face and his nose began to bleed. One Roshni got beating on the head and was wounded. Though these Christians pleaded with them with folded hands – not to beat them, the assaulters showed no mercy but behaved very cruelly and continued to thrash them. The Pastor’s wife Latha was beaten on her chest with wooden club and was wounded severely. Another Annamma was beaten and was wounded on the head. Another Daniel and others were also badly assaulted. The Pastor was also beaten with clubs while trying to rescue others from their beatings. They left the place shouting that they would kill them.

Out of more than 20 assaulters, two were identified by the Christian brethren – one Theju, who works in Kudremukh Iron Ore Co.(KIOCL) and – the other one – Jagadish, who is attending to the work connected with water supply in the locality. An FIR has been lodged at Surathkal Police Station. All of them were medically treated at Srinivas Hospital, Mukka. One whose leg is fractured is undergoing treatment as an inmate. The Pastor and all others who were wounded are in severe pain in their bodies. It is quite an irony that Srinivas Hospital was inaugurated by none else than our Hon’ble Chief Minister, the same day morning where within a few hours the attack has taken place in that vicinity and the injured were admitted to that hospital.

After the incident, when the police man came to the home to ascertain the details, (as conveyed to us by the Pastor), instead of finding out who the assaulters were, he was asking questions with the injured – 1) When have you become a Christian? 2) How many lakhs of rupees were paid to you for your conversion? 3) How many others you have converted into Christianity? Etc.etc. without even bothering to console the person/s as if he was an agent of Bhajrangdal rather than doing his duty justly. His attitude/questioning is highly objectionable and contrary to the fact of he being a part of law enforcing agency. We wonder, whether our police force needs further training or they are agents of Bhajrangdal for asking these kind of questions, as if he was ignorant of the Constitution.

We have strong reasons to believe that Bajrang Dal fundamentalists are inside the police force and are giving protection to Bajrang Dal rather than doing their duties for which they are paid for. Further, the FIR never mentions the criminal aspect of the case or the Communal Violence aspect, just to aid the culprits to be scot free. Wonderful cooperation of the police with the culprits. We demand a probe into this matter and action to be taken against the guilty instead of covering up.

Case No. 2: On 28th December, 2011 at about 8.20 p.m., when the Pastor ID Prasanna of Hebron Full Gospel Assembly Church, situated at Haleyangadi, Opp. Canara Bank in the Mangalore-Udupi Highway was away, about 10 persons first came with masks on their faces, followed by another 5- 6 persons entered the Church Compound, while Pastor’s wife, his 2 children and his mother, his brother-in-law and one more family friend were praying as usual inside the Prayer Hall. As they had bolted the door from inside, these people broke all the glasses of Prayer Hall. On hearing the noise of the breaking of glasses, the inmates rushed inside the house from within. So, these people rushed towards the Kitchen side, which is in the eastern side of the hall and forced inside and started breaking all the Tube lights, window glasses. When the Pastor’s wife rushed to the living room, the intruders broke open the living room also, broke the Refrigerator, smashed the cooked food/utensils and within 5 minutes they ran away in darkness. The very fact that they ran away in darkness proves the fact that they are familiar with the topography of the land. The home people have observed a Car parked in the nearby field at noon, which was quite a rare sight. About 2 bags of stones were lying on the road side. Within 10 minutes of this attack, the Pastor who had gone out returned only to witness the ghastly incident. The attac kers constantly shouting – we will see how you will continue the prayer/church here.

As this report is being prepared, a complaint has been lodged at the Mulki Police Station by the Eye-witnesses and no FIR is made.

Mr.Seemanth Kumar, Police Commissioner, who rushed to the spot made an on the spot survey, who have also watched the episode which has been recorded in the CCTV installed in the premises.

It may be relevant to point out our previous Press Conferences where we have brought out clearly that police officials from Mulki Police Station, who visited the said Church/Pastor and was pleading with the Pastor that they are under tremendous pressure by the higher-ups to see that the Church is closed Failing which they foresee an attack. This was even brought before the Police Commissioner, as we met him as a delegation of Christian Leaders, who have assured us that needful would be done. But alas, today he himself has personally witnessed the reality.

With the above 2 incidents, apart fdrom many others reported recently by the Press about the attacks on several other Roman Catholic Churches/Institutions, we are afraid, the Police are not able to contain the Religious Terrorism in the District and we Christians continue to suffer.

It may not be out of place to mention the bold public utterance of Dr.Prabhakar Bhat of Kalladka, in one of the recent Public Protest Meeting where he said that Mangalore might see the blood bath if the Central Govt. would bring the proposed bill on Communal Violence. We wonder, whether emboldened by such provocative speeches in such a way, the law enforcing agencies, unable to contain such things till now, the Religious Terrorism is being unleashed on helpless minority Christians. Whether the minority Peace Loving Christians of this District will have protection by the Police Force/the present Government, who makes tall claims of the help they want to give to Christians?

We are forced to demand CBI Enquiry and not by any State Police Forces/Commissions any more as we are beginning to lose our confidence, as citizens of this our beloved country.

– walter j. maben

A Nativity Crib burnt in Mangalore


Karnataka, December 29, 2011: Nativity crib burned in an attack in Karnataka yesterday
Catholic authorities in Mangalore yesterday reported two separate attacks on Christian buildings in which a prayer hall was damaged and the crib of a nativity scene was burned.

Fr Ivan D’Souza, a  priest in Karnataka, said he suspected Hindu extremists were behind the burning of a community crib built during a parish-wide holiday competition.

He said they were likely trying to “disturb the peace of the place.”

Regina Fernandes, who lives near the site of the attack, said she heard dogs barking at about 3 am yesterday morning.

“We saw the crib on fire and rushed outside and tried to put out the fire. In the morning we saw kerosene and petrol bottles in the crib.”

Meanwhile in Haleyangad, a group of about 12 unidentified people hurled stones and broke window panes at a Protestant prayer hall belonging to Hebron Church.

ID Prasanna, the local pastor, said the attackers also damaged three motorbikes parked near the church, and that closed circuit cameras had recorded the attackers fleeing the scene.

He added that local police commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh had visited the hall and assured him that a complete investigation would be conducted.

Yesterday’s attacks follow an assault on a group of Christians on Christmas Day.

Donald Menezes, head pastor of the New Life Fellowship in Karnataka, said about 15 people attacked members of the fellowship while they were dining in a private home.

One of the victims sustained a fractured leg in the attack, he said.

“We condemn the continued attacks on Christians,” he said following the incident.

– francis rodrigues

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