Hindi Bible goes hi-tech

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New Delhi, May 25, 2012: It is a user-friendly software providing easy search facilities.

The first ever digital Catholic Hindi Bible hit the Android market today.

Free downloads from the full Bible can be obtained from the application titled Divya Vachan (divine word), said Fr. Stanley Kozhichira of Jesus Youth of Delhi.It is a user-friendly software providing easy search facilities. There is a pull up screen which displays both the New Testament and Old Testament.

The screen shots give grid view of all the books. With a click of the mouse any book can be opened. The font size can be adjusted as per requirement. It provides for continued reading through the auto save system which ensures the app opens at the same point in the book at which it was closed.

The android version is the first of its kind in the smartphone series, Divya Vachan will be available soon on iPhone and Blackberry as well, said Fr Kozhichira.It is a combined effort of Jesus Youth International and Delhi Catholic Archdiocese. The data has been supplied by the Bible.Mitr.com, the first online  Hindi Catholic Bible from the Bhopal Archdiocese.The software has been developed by Ethic Coders.The initiative, by Fr. Kozhichira, is based on the Malayalam POC Bible.The priest said he wanted to do something for the Hindi speaking Catholic community.

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