Hindu group reconverts 10 people, says won’t stop untill Christians and Muslims stop conversion

March 2, 2015 by  
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Hindu group reconvertsChennai, March 01 , 2015: A fringe Hindu outfit in Chennai claims to have reconverted ten people from Christianity and Islam to Hinduism.

The Bharat Hindu Munnani claims they have reconverted at least 50 people in the recent past back to their religion. They say they were brainwashed and converted to other religions. The outfit claims they will continue such activities until the anti conversion law is promulgated.

The Chennai police had detained members of the outfit and had tried to prevent the conversions. Dilli Babu, Secretary of Barath Hindu Munnani Party said “the police are not condemning the act if religious conversion is carried out by Muslims or Christians. So we will continue to do so Hindu religious propaganda until the other religious outfits stop doing it”.

– cnn-ibn

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