Hindu guru arrested for Bodh Gaya attack

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Bodh Gaya attacNew Delhi, August 14, 2013:  This morning, India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested Arup Brahmachari, a Hindu priest, for his involvement in the attack on 7 July against Bodh Gaya’s Mahabodhi temple, a Buddhist religious complex in the state of Bihar.

After weeks of investigation, the federal anti-terrorism agency tracked down the guru, who went on the run after the attack. During this period, the NIA questioned several suspects, including temple officials.

On 7 July, nine blasts hit the temple complex at Bodh Gaya, home of the Bodhi tree under which, according to Buddhist tradition, Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment. Two monks were injured in the attack, one from Myanmar.

Initially, Indian authorities believed the attack to be the work of Muslims due to ethnic-religious tensions in Myanmar between the Buddhist majority and the Muslim minority.

Currently, about 500 Burmese monks are studying in India, 200 in Bodh Gaya alone.

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