Hindu radicals attack believers in Anekal near Bangalore

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Christians PrayerBangalore, January 11, 2012: Rev. Srirangam Shanthakumar, (39), is a pastor of the Agape Church and has been spreading the good news during the last 15 years in Anekal, a part of Bangalore Rural District in Karnataka. As a result of his committed hard work, he has been able to build two churches, one in Anekal proper with about 500 believers, and the other in Chandapur also a part of Anekal Taluk, with about 300 believers. His wife, Rashmi, (35), is also actively involved in the work of the pastor, and they have two children – Abhishek and Raksha.

On Monday evening, 9-1-12, Pastor Shanthakumar arranged for a prayer service in the residence of a believer, Puttamma, at Coogur, also a part of Anekal. Puttamma, a widow, who works as an Asha worker in the Sarjapur Government Hospital, has one son named Suresh Babu. The Pastor and 20 other believers gathered at Puttamma’s residence and after the prayer when they began their dinner at about 10.30 pm, suddenly about 20 radical Hindus attacked them with huge clubs and iron rods. While beating them they continued to shout using the foulest language alleging them that they were fraudulently and forcibly converting Hindus to Christianity.

Quite a number of believers received the beatings and the Pastor Shanthakumar lost a left-hand finger, and a believer, Yashodamma, received head injuries and a nerve-damage to her right hand. Vijay, another believer’s leg was badly hurt. It is learnt that after creating this terrible havoc and physically harming some of the believers, the radicals supposed to have simply disappeared from the scene.

The badly shaken believers then got in touch with the Sarjapur police who rushed to the spot with Dy. S.P. Kumara Swamy and ASI Raghavendra leading a posse of constables and held an inquiry into the incident and got the wounded admitted into the Sarjapur and Anekal Govt. Hospitals. The affected pastor and other believers have filed an FIR against the rabid radical, and the police are on the lookout for the culprits, but no arrests have been made so far. The believers who were admitted to the hospitals have been discharged today and the police are trying to get more details about the fanatic Hindus. Please pray for the believers and their fellowship.

– gcic

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