Hindu radicals attack Christians, injure 30, police apathetic

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Hindu radicals attack ChristiansChhattisgarh, February 08, 2013: A mob of about 100 RSS, Bajrang Dal and VHP viciously attacked a peaceful gathering of Christian believers, injuring 30 of them, in Rajnandgaon village, about 70 kms from Raipur City, capital of Chattisgarh state on Friday, 8 February. The Rajnandgaon City Police Station seemed complicit in the attack and has now registered a case against the believers and the church.

A three-day meeting had been organized from the 7th to 9th February by the ICM (Indian Christian Mission) church under the leadership of Pastor Thomas Abraham. On Friday, the 8th of February, around 250 believers were in attendance at 2:25 p.m. when about 100 RSS, Bajrang Dal and VHP activists barged into the ICM Church hall with rods and sticks in hand and started abusing the people and accusing them of conversion.

They started breaking the doors, windows and attacked all the bikes and cars parked outside. There was a big commotion as the people ran helter-skelter trying to move to safety. 30 believers were injured as their hands and legs were broken and a few suffered injuries to their head. One believer called the City Police Station in Rajnandgaon, 200 meters from the Rajnandgaon Railway Station. The police arrived at 3:15 p.m., took a report from several believers and took the injured to the government hospital in Rajnandgaon. Soon after the injured received medical attention, they were told by the police to leave the hospital before the mob came and attacked them there too. When the believers left the hospital all the records of them having been treated there were destroyed. In fact rather than registering a case against the Hindu radicals, the police registered a case against the church and believers who were attacked.

The believers and pastors of the area are planning to appeal to the governor and other authorities reporting the incident and the treatment meted out to them by the local police during and after the ordeal.

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