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Cathechist killed in Kandhamal – Third Christian this year *Hindu tribals attack their Christian kin

December 16, 2011 by  
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A Christian Man Looks at his doorBanjanagar, December 16, 2011: Another Christian has been killed in mysterious circumstances in Kandhamal. Rabindra Parichaa, an activist, who in the past has been touring villages and towns in the area, and was from the parish of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Mondasoro in Kandhamal, was murdered. Earlier in the year, two other Christian activists, Saul Pradhan and Michael Navak were killed in the area, in Raikia Block.

But local authorities, in connivance with Hindu radicals have tried to pass off their deaths as accidental. In both cases the police version of the incidents were rejected once they arrived in court.

It is no coincidence that this crime occurred on the eve of Christmas. In fact the celebration of Christmas 2007 gave rise to the first attacks against Christian churches and homes in the district of Kandhamal. Unfortunately it was just a prologue: as after the killing of Hindu leader Saraswati Laxmanananda August 23, 2008 – a new terrible wave of persecution was unleashed that lasted two and a half months, with serious consequences that last to this day. Christian leaders feel, the murder, so close to Christmas, is a strategic move by extremists to create a climate of fear among Christians in Kandhamal.

Hindu tribals attack their Christian kin


Orissa Burnt ChurchOrissa, December 8, 2011: A group of tribal Hindus attacked 3 tribal Christian families at Chandikhole, Jajpur district in Orissa.
The tribal Hindus who attacked the Christian families are believed to be relatives of these Christians. The attackers had then approached the local police and filed an FIR against the Christians, accusing them of forced conversions. The tribal Christians, who were not aware that an FIR had been filed against them, also approached the police but we’re reprimanded and detained on account of the FIR filed against them.

The main motive of the attackers has not yet been established although claims of personal vendetta do not seemed farfetched, especially since the attackers are believed to be relatives of those they attacked. The Orissa aicc chapter has contacted the Deputy Inspector and the Superintendent of Police in order to intervene and see to it that the innocent victims of this hate crime are freed from these false accusations and delivered justice.

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