Maharashtra: Christians harassed to Leave village

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Yavatmal DtMaharashtra, June 12, 2013: In the Pandahrewani village in Pattan police limits in Yavatmal District of ……every attempt is being made by the Hindus not to allow any Christians anywhere in the village to practice their religion. They do not allow them either to build a place of worship or even their own houses in the village. This trend has developed only during the last two and odd months. Some Hindu fundamentalist group seems to be actively involved in provoking the Hindu villagers to attack the Christians. The police too do not seem to be keen on giving any protection to the Christians. The information received by the GCIC through the Field Coordinator of Kolam Field Shibla, Sudhakar Mavli, makes it abundantly clear that the Hindutva fundamentalists would stop at nothing in destabilizing and driving out Christians from the village.

A little over a couple of months ago, Suresh Athram, a local Christian, began building a small house on his own land. The local Hindus began objecting to the construction. The argument put forward by them was that they do not want any Christians in the village, much less to settle down in the village by building their own houses. On the 2nd of April last a few Christians came together and lodged a complaint against it in the Pattan police station. The police did not take the matter very seriously.

On 13th April the Christians again started to build the house, but the local Hindus came in a group the very next day and beat up Suresh Athram’s wife Mirabai and some other believers. Though the Christians went to the police station again and lodged a complaint, the police did not accept their complaint but sent for the Hindus involved and did a compromise between the Christians and the Hindus. However, the compromise did not last long as on the same evening when all the Christians had assembled for worship service, one of the Hindus came and pelted them with stones. When the Christians lodged a complaint against one Kanu, a Hindu fundamentalist, the police arrested him but released him within an hour’s time.

On the 25th of April the Hindus in the village celebrated the Hanuman Jayanthi in which more than 400 Hindus participated. Some Hindus came to the Pandahrewani Believers House and destroyed it and in its place installed a Hindu idol and held a worship ceremony just to spite the Christians. They also mounted an attack against Suresh and tried to destroy his house. The Christian complained to the police about the incident and the police came and objected to what the Hindus had done. But the rabid Hindu fundamentalists were not in a mood to listen to the police either, and on the other hand, they also turned against the very police. In the meantime the police reinforcement arrived from Pandherkawda, Woni, and arrested some Hindus and also some Christians and brought the situation under control. The Christians arrested were – Evangelist Paiku, and believers Vittal and Tukibai who were charge-sheeted and produced before the local magistrate who sent them to jail. However, the Christians were bailed out were released subsequently. The Hindus too got themselves bailed out a few days later.

On 6th June, one Bapurao Dhadange from Siratoki brought about 20 people and forcibly occupied the cultivated land owned by the Christians. When the believers went to the Pattan police station and tried to lodge a complaint, the police sent them back without accepting their complaint. On the same evening Bapurao Dhadange and some villagers went to the police station and lodged complaints against 28 Christians falsely alleging that they had been involved in forcible conversion of Hindus to Christianity. The police sent for the Christians and when they went to the police station, the police detained them and filed an FIR against them and demanded them to bring a sizable amount of money as a security, failing which they would be charge-sheeted and sent to jail. Please pray for them.


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