Hindutva forces attack Church, 11 Christians arrested in Malwan, Maharashtra

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Hindutva forces attack Church, 11 Christians arrested in Malwan, Maharashtra Maharashtra, November 1, 2012: Shivsena and RSS activists have reportedly attacked a Christian prayer meeting and 11 Christians are allegedly arrested in Malwan, Sindhudurg district on 26th October 2012. It appears that Shivsena and RSS activists led by Mr. Bapan Shende Taluk Promuk (President), Pankaj, Vijay, Dilip and other leaders attacked Christians gathered for special prayers in Malwan. The attackers also reportedly severely beat-up  the worshipers, including women and children.  Mr. Suresh Pujari, a Christian, was injured and hospitalized in the attack.

A complaint was given by Christians who gathered for prayers about the attack. After knowing about the complaint by Christians, the leaders of Shivsena and RSS asked the Christians to withdraw it and have a mutual compromise, but when the Christians withdrew the compliant on the attackers, they filed a case against Pastor Ruzi D’souza and few other leaders of the New life Fellowship alleging forcible conversions. The police arrested 11 Christians based on the case booked on false charges of conversion activities.

The attackers again returned at 1 am (midnight) to the Pastor’s home attacked on the all those present in the house causing severe injuries. According to eye witnesses, the RSS and Shivsena activists are going to every Christian home and threatening them. The attackers asked the Christians not to attend any prayers and activities of Christians. They used posters and banners of anti-Christian slogans around the town. They threatened them to leave Christianity and become Hindus with death threats if they failed to do that. Many pastors and Christians are therefore hiding for fear of further attacks on them.

The All India Christian Council mobilized an immediate fact-finding team to initiate further help for victimized Christians while condemning the brutal attack by the Hindutva forces and demanding fair justice from the authorities.

– aicc

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