Hindutvas target Indore Orphanage and School

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Madhya Pradesh, November 2, 2012: Hindutva fanatic groups attacked an orphanage and school on 8th and 9th October and published the false news against in the Hindutva amenable media, which has disturbed communal harmony. Given below is a rough translation of the false allegations made. The orphanage and school provides the best facilities for the children; and represented the case before Dr. Sangliana, the Vice-Chairman of the National Minorities Commission on 17th October.

Dr. Sangliana immediately wrote a letter to Director General of Police (DGP) of Madhya Pradesh and urged action be taken against those who published the news. Immediately, the Mhow police filed an FIR against the fanatics on 22nd November. The Christian leaders have also sent a legal notice to the editor of the said newspaper asking for an apology and have threatened to approach the Press Council to cancel the newspaper’s registration. Inspite of the police having filed an FIR against the Hindutva fanatics of Mhow, their media continues to publish false news as the one given below:

Hindutva news published regarding conversions in lieu of education

Hindutvas target Sideras International Orphanage and School, Indore

Hindutvas target Sideras International Orphanage and School, Indore

After 65 years, foreigners are once again repeating history, but this time it is not to rule in Mhow Cantonment, but to establish their missionaries in a big way through conversions. For this the ‘missionary contractors’ have devised a new formula – educational orphanages.

Duping the administration, these people manage to get permission from the government using education as a ruse. Our corrupt officials and local public representatives, through mere fulfillment of paper formalities, give permissions to these criminals, that too without proper care that these cases are not cases for conversions. Foreigners too are extending their support to such criminal activities done by these missionaries. God help our government which even today is blindly giving permissions.

Non-accountable Government

A case such as above is a case of an orphanage and school which has been running since last one year within the jurisdiction of the Kishanganj Police Station where wholesale conversions are taking place. Innocent and impressionable children are being converted in Sideras International School and Orphanage situated in Borkhedi village under the Gram Navada panchayat. The children are being forced to convert in exchange for education. Although the administration is aware of this the officials concerned have chosen sit quiet and look the other way.

Children Lured from Rural Areas

For catering to the upbringing and education of orphans, Sideras International School and Orphanage has been established near Vikrant College three kilometers off the Indore-Mhow state highway. The children numbering some 421 persons are from Orissa, Khargone, Khandwa, Indore and rural regions nearby Indore such as Jamboodi, Alwasa, Machla and regions in the Mhow tehsil such as Harsola, Nawada, Panda, Borkhedi, Harnyakhedi, Vigdambar and other rural areas. Out of these, 135 orphans are also in the institute from which boys number 78 and girls 58. Here instead of teaching them the regular curriculum, they are being taught the praises of Christianity openly. From morning to late night, these children are being taught the tenants of Christianity whereas in other orphanages and schools children pray a common prayer and are taught to pray in accordance to their respective religions. Normally, through songs children are taught patriotism but in this Christian missionary school children are taught religious songs. This clearly shows that there are conversions taking place under the garb of education.

Prayers are Compulsory

One characteristic of this place is that boys and girls are made to pray compulsorily to Jesus Christ in the morning from 6:30 am to 7:00 am. The children are being forced to do this even though lots of children here belong to the majority community who too are being forced to pray to learn about the Bible.

Hostel Rooms are in Shambles

The children residing in the boarding school have to sleep on double-decker beds which are in shambles with the beddings, bed sheets and pillows being in torn condition. These are washed once every 15 days if at all. The children are kept in a strict environment and are not allowed to roam around.

Physical and Mental Exploitation

The innocent children in such institutions are also subject to physical and mental exploitation. They are made to rise up early and made to pray compulsorily. Instead of exercise, games, yoga etc, they are made to clean their own rooms. When tired they do not have anyone to confide in.

Government/Administration Blinded

In the garb of running an educational institution and orphanage and duping the government, these people have ensured that they have got the necessary permissions from the government to engage in conversion activities. Our government, corrupt officials and public representatives have only cared about fulfillment of paper formalities and have given permission to these criminal elements to engage in conversions without bothering to verify about the institution.

Children Being Negatively Affected

There is a large hall in the building right across the main gate of the orphanage where children take their meals. In the hall there is a notice board with praises of Christianity and denouncement of other religions  depicted on it which is affecting the children negatively. On it is written, “What can Bhagwan or Allah give you, there is none greater than Jesus Christ. It is Jesus who would take away your sorrows. All good things in life are due to Jesus Christ.” Such messages negatively affect the minds of the children and take them away from their own religion and culture.

No Educational Board Involved

The children across the country are educated either under the state boards, CBSE or ICSE educational boards. Other than these, there are no other bodies under which education in India is carried out. In Sideras International Orphanage none of these three boards have any affiliation with the institution and educational curriculum from none of these boards are being followed which clearly show that only conversions are going on here.

Threat Received

When our Swadesh correspondent attempted to contact the school for information, one Atul David calling himself as the president of human rights commission in Madhya Pradesh issued threats using mobile number 9302106172. The staff and the school administration refused to provide any information whatsoever. Even a leader from an Hindu organization present there was mute.

Will Take Steps Soon

“I too have received information about such illegal activities from some of our workers. The villagers nearby have also said that conversions are taking place in the school. As soon as we have solid evidence we would take steps soon and with formulate our strategy accordingly,” said S. Solanki, President, Mhow Viswa Hindu Parishad.

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