History is being distorted: Goan priest

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Margao, October 9, 2017: Catholic priest and theologian Dr Victor Ferrao has said that history is being distorted by upper caste Hindus to promote their views.

Giving an example of such distortion, Dr Ferrao said the battle of Cuncolim gaunkars was a battle to safeguard their interest, but the same is now being promoted as the first battle for India’s Independence.

Speaking to around 50 Social Action Team members from four parishes, Dr Ferrao asked: “When did the Goan Konknno become a Hindu?” driving home the point that the Hindutva philosophy of RSS promoted aggressively by the Bharatiya Janata Party is causing communal disharmony in the country and the State.

He said the growth of the BJP is directly connected with globalization of the economy as it is only after globalization in 1991 that the BJP began emerging stronger.

“Globalisation made Indians rootless and hence they became more religious thus giving rise to religious fundamentalism,” he said and added that while Catholic religion is based on hope, Hindutva thrives on fear and that is why fear is palpable in the society today.

He said colonization led to the creation of present India and even Goa as earlier India was just many princely states and further that colonization helped put Goa on the global map thus giving a big boost to tourism which cannot be replicated elsewhere as the Portuguese rule gave a certain culture and ethos to Goans that promotes tourism.

He stated that in the past there was no ‘self’ but an individual meant the community he lived with and that is why, he said, the earlier conversions were mass conversions like 250 people converting in Raia because the gaunkars so decided. “Unfortunately today these conversions are being labelled as ‘forced’ conversions,” he said.

Pointing out that Hinduism excluded tribals and certain communities, he said presently Brahminism is being masked as Hinduism and that is why there is a strong Hindutva nationalism dictating a dress code, what can be consumed and even who can marry.

The participants then were divided into groups to discuss issues plaguing the Goan society like Hindutva, loss of land resources, growing tourism and even colonization and its impact and the consensus of the discussion was that it was time for the Catholic community to go back to identifying self with the community to counter the strong movement against their religion.

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