How do you choose a Church?

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I took an unofficial personal survey as to the most popular reasons why and how people join a Church, and here are some of the common answers I received:

Why you go to Church

It’s the Church of my parents.

It’s close to our home.

The people are friendly and loving.

The music is beautiful.

The preacher is handsome or dynamic.

They have a good children’s program.

The building architecture is impressive.

The important or influential people attend this Church.

The services are exciting.

The Church needs me.

Why you should go to Church?

Now catch this.

Though each of these elements might be good in and of itself, none-not one of them-is the right reason to join a Church.

That means that the majority of people in the this country join Churches for the wrong reason.

There is only one right reason to join a Church, and that is because the foundation teachings of the Church or denomination are the teachings of the Bible and of Jesus, and you are committed to following truth.

In light of this, you would be amazed how few people can tell you about the specific teachings of their Church.

Even regarding basic doctrines about God, the law, baptism, salvation, death, the second coming, heaven, and hell, most Christians have only a superficial knowledge of their Church’s positions on these foundational truths.

Sadly, most people shop for a Church the way children choose breakfast cereal.

Shopping for Church

They like the picture on the box or they want the prize inside while missing the most important criteria-reading the ingredients.

The first and most important test question to ask of any Church is, “What are their beliefs?”

Are the teachings of this Church consistent with the teachings of Jesus?

Bible TeachingsIf the doctrines of that denomination are the teachings of Christ and the Bible, then that is God’s Church, and you should become a member and hang in there even if:

The people are cantankerous and crabby, the singing sounds like feeding time at the zoo,

the Church building is a renovated hamburger stand, the pastor’s sermons are so boring that the bats leave the belfry at 11 o’clock every Sabbath morning,

the members are so divided that there is a fluorescent line painted down the middle of the sanctuary, the people come to Church driving army tanks.

– fwd: samuel machado

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