How does understanding God’s happiness change lives?

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The following blog is excerpted from my new devotional, 60 Days of Happiness, which is now available in stores and from our ministry. The book’s entries are drawn from carefully selected portions of my larger book Happiness. However, I’ve reworked the material to present it in a fresh and different way. I hope it not only informs readers about one of the most appealing subjects in the world but also encourages and motivates them, and moves their affections toward God.

I wrote 60 Days of Happiness for two kinds of readers: first, those who haven’t read Happiness but long to learn what God has to say about this subject and what His people have said about happiness throughout the centuries. It’s for anyone who likes to deal with subjects in bite-sized chunks that are also heart-touching and practical.

Second, it’s for those who have read Happiness but would like to return to the subject and ponder it in a devotional format that will likely speak to them in different ways. Some of what they read earlier will be reinforced, but much will feel brand new.

This book is also for those who want to pass on the exciting and paradigm-shifting concepts of Happiness but in a smaller and more easily digestible form that may suit their friends or family better.

I hope and pray that this book will help ignite readers’ passion for the happy God and for the gospel of Jesus, which the Bible calls the “good news of happiness” (Isaiah 52:7) and the “good news that will cause great joy” (Luke 2:10, NIV).

– cross walk

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