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Proposed Iraqi Law Would Force Some Children to Become Muslim

Iraq, November 16, 2015: A new law in Iraq would require the conversion of Children to Islam if their father were to convert or if their mom were to marry a Muslim man or a Muslim-Background Christian. The long-term implications for this would be devastating as changing your ID back to Christian is nearly possible. This puts even greater strain on the church in Iraq and raises serious questions regarding the basic rights and religious freedoms in the country.

1,000 Schools Destroyed by Boko Haram, many Christian Institutions

Nigeria, November 17, 2015: This year alone, Boko Haram has destroyed 1,000 schools in the northeastern portion of Nigeria. Boko Haram, which means no western or ‘non-Islamic’ education has targeted countless schools and universities since their inception as an Islamic terror group. They are most infamous for their attack and subsequent kidnapping of 276 Christian school girls in Chibok, a government area in Borno State, Nigeria. Since their abduction in 2014, 53 have escaped but the rest remain missing. It is likely those who remain missing are either hidden as converted Muslim wives or dead as a result of being used a suicide bombers.

Assyrian Protestant Church in Turkey Reopens 6 Decades Later

Turkey November 17, 2015: One of the oldest protestant churches in the Middle East has been reopened after sitting in ruins for nearly 60 years. The Mardin Protestant Church in Turkey has reopened for services, the first in 60 years. There is just a small population of protestants, or Christians of any denomination, remaining in this part of Turkey, a region that a century ago was home to a substantial number of Christians.

The Priest Who Provides a Safe Haven for Iraqi Christian Refugees

Iraq, November 15, 2015: In the small town of Marka, Jordan, about 20 minutes from downtown Amman, hundreds of Christian refugees and their families live under the steadfast care of Father Khalil Jaar, a humble priest originally from Bethlehem. As hundreds of thousands of Christians have been forced to flee their homes in Iraq and Syria, many have sought refuge in the region, in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. While many of these congregations are themselves small and struggling, they have stepped up to serve those in need.

Large-Scale Islamic Terrorist Attacks in Paris Kill at Least 128

France, November 14, 2015: ICC condemns the horrific attacks and mourn with the families of those who lost loved ones and condemns the brutal attacks which took place across the heart of Paris on Friday evening. The Islamic State (IS, ISIS, Daesh) claimed responsibility for the attacks, threatening that the operation was the “first of the storm.”

Christians And Muslims Fight To Protect Ancient Christian Town Against ISIS

Syria,  November 11, 2015: The fighting in Syria has now put another Christian town squarely in the crossfire of Islamic groups attempting to control the country and the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The historic town of Sadad has been under fire since October 31 as militants try to advance along a strategic highway linking Damascus and Homs. Hundreds of Christian and Muslim fighters are battling to defend it. Sadad is considered strategic because it lies between Homs and Damascus, the capital of Syria, and two years ago was overrun by ISIS. It was recaptured by the Syrian army, but not before almost 50 Christians were massacred, and believers are once again fleeing the town in fear of the militants.

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