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Commitment to Egypt’s New Constitution Questioned After ‘Blasphemy’ Charge

Egyption ChristiansEgypt, June 06, 2014: Kerolos Shouky Attallah, is accused of violating Article 98F of the Egyptian Penal Code for “liking” a Facebook page of Christian converts known as the Knights of the Cross. On January 14 and 15 of this year, a referendum was passed on a new constitution in Egypt. According to supporters, it ensures the basic rights of free speech and belief for Egyptians, but the existence of a blasphemy law in Egypt, is a violation of Egypt’s new constitution, which was supposed to take effect on January 18.

  • Pray Egypt will commit to its new constitution
  • Pray all accusations and charges against Attallah are dismissed
  • Pray our merciful God will continue guiding and protecting our brothers and sisters in Egypt.

Arkansas Congressman Introduces Bill to Grant Meriam Permanent Legal Status in the U.S.

United States ChristainsUnited States, June 10, 2014: In the latest development on Capitol Hill regarding the case of Meriam Ibrahim, Arkansas Congressman Tom Cotton has introduced a bill that would grant Meriam Ibrahim, as well as her two children, permanent resident status in the United States. Meriam was sentenced to death by hanging last month in Khartoum, Sudan, after refusing to give up her Christian faith. She is currently imprisoned with her 20-month-old son Martin and newborn daughter Maya in Khartoum. Cotton stated, “I am disappointed by the Obama administration’s inaction and urge them to grant Meriam permanent legal status.”

  • Pray the Obama Administration will act on behalf of Meriam Ibrahim and her family
  • Pray for the passage of legislation that would grant Meriam Ibrahim, as well as her two children, permanent resident status in the United States
  • Pray for Meriam’s speedy and safe release

Boko Haram Abducts at Least 20 Women from Fulani Village Near Chibok

Nigerian ChristiansNigeria, June 09, 2014: Suspected Boko Haram militants kidnapped at least 20 young women in Nigeria, near Chibok where more than 200 schoolgirls were taken two months ago, local officials said. The suspected militants came into the village in broad daylight on Saturday, heavily armed and wearing military uniforms. The location of the women is still unknown and the kidnappers have not made contact with their families.

  • Pray all the kidnapped women and girls are safely returned to their families
  • Pray those who persecute God’s children, seek salvation in Christ Jesus
  • Pray for the victory of all our brothers and sisters in Christ

BJP Vice Chairman Calls on Nepal to Immediately and Completely Ban Religious Conversions

Christians praying in a church in NepalNepal, June 09, 2014: According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), BJP vice chairman Bhagat Singh Koshiyari called for a legal ban on conversions during his visit to Nepal. The timing of the call is sensitive as Nepal’s Constituent Assembly is in the process of drafting a new constitution. “Mr Koshiyari’s comments are of concern. They appear to be an attempt to persuade Nepal not to include freedom of religion in the new constitution and laws of Nepal,” said CSW’s chief executive Mervyn Thomas.

  • Pray Nepal will disregard the request of Koshiyari and stand for their people
  • Pray the new constitution will include freedom of religion and allow our brothers and sisters to worship and share God’s word
  • Pray Nepal will receive the Word of our God and be saved in Christ’s name

North Korea Unleashes Crackdown on Christianity

North Korean ChristiansNorth Korea continues to detain or repatriate its citizens with ties to the church in China. According to Daily NK, “personnel from a number of state organs, including the State Security Department, General Reconnaissance Bureau and diplomatic corps, have received additional orders on the matter.”  One of the victims, South Korean missionary Kim Jung Wook, is currently serving a life sentence for “anti-state crimes.”

  • Pray the enemy of of our Almighty God will not be successful in bringing persecution and injustice to Christians in North Korea
  • Pray for the release of all imprisoned Christians in North Korea
  • Pray for the renewing of strength and comfort of our brothers and sisters in North Korea

Kyrgyzstan Pastor Kept From Brother’s Funeral By Local Imam

Kyrgyzstan ChristiansKyrgyzstan, June 06, 2014: In the village of Zherge-Tal, Imam Arstan stopped Protestant pastor Kapar Yusup uuly Abdukayimov from participating in the burial procession of his deceased 51-year old brother Japar Abdukayimov. “Imam Arstan insulted me with all kinds of unrepeatable words, calling me a traitor, and told people at the procession this will happen to anyone who leaves Islam and accepts Christianity or other religions,” Pastor Yusup uuly told Forum 18.  Numerous Kyrgyz Christians in recent years were not allowed to be buried in their local villages, and several were buried in other cemeteries used by Russian Orthodox.

  • Pray that in future cases like these, Christians will be able to bury their loved ones in their own villages
  • Pray for the comfort of our Lord to come upon Pastor Yusup and his family through these dark times
  • Pray Imam Arstan will receive the true Word of God and be saved

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