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Boko Haram Declares Islamic Caliphate, Analysts Respond

The leader of Boko Haram, a radical Islamic insurgency based out of northeast Nigeria that has slaughtered Christians and burnt churches to the ground for years, declared two predominantly Christians towns as part of the Islamic caliphate. While it remains unclear what additional threat the self-proclaimed caliphate will pose to the Nigerian state and minority Christians in the country’s north, many in the West see the declaration as a clear sign that greater action needs to be taken in combating Boko Haram and other Islamic insurgencies across Africa.

Pastor Faces Decade Behind Bars Amid China’s Anti-Church Campaign

Amid the massive anti-church campaign in China’s Zhejiang Province, Huang Yizi, a preacher who attempted to organize protests against the removal of JiuEn (Salvation) Church’s cross, was arrested by plainclothes police officers and facing up to a decade in prison. He openly criticizes the ongoing church demolition campaign and is accused of “gathering to assault a state organ”, according to Telegraph, a charge often used to silence government critic. “I know I will be put in jail one day,” the preacher told Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post in an interview before his detention.

Indonesia Warns: Radicals Inspired by ISIS to Establish a Caliphate in Asia

Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, is becoming “one of the main centers of Islamic activism in the Asia-Pacific region,” according to AsiaNews. Islamic extremism has been rising with a decline in religious pluralism in the country. Moreover, fundamentalist movements have found “inspiration in the exploits of Sunni fighters in Syria and Iraq.” The Indonesian government warned that the rising radicalism may take a more “dangerous turn with the project of creating a Caliphate” in Asia.

Suspected al-Shabaab Militants Behead Alleged Christian after Releasing Muslim Coworkers

A group of suspected Somalian Shebab Islamist militants have beheaded a Christian Kenyan driver after kidnapping a group of traders near the resort island of Lamu, police said Saturday.  Three traders were released by the militants for being Muslim. According to police, the survivors said the attackers were well armed and identified themselves as Shebab members on a mission to fight security forces inside Kenya. Somalia’s Shebab rebels have vowed to increase attacks in Kenya for its military presence in Somalia.

Christian High School Student in Tennessee Suspended for Blessing Fellow Student

Kendra Turner, a student at Dyer County High School, received an in-school suspension for saying “bless you” to a fellow student who sneezed. Local media outlets report Turner said her computer teacher banned the phrase “bless you” for it should only be allowed in church. The Dyersburg State Gazette reports the school said the incident is about distraction, not a religious issue. “We can’t discuss discipline because of right to privacy of students,” DCHS Assistant Principal Lynn Garner told the paper. Turner stated on Facebook, “I don’t care who talks about me or what they say, I WILL stand tall for my God!!!”

12-Year-Old Christian Girl Raped by Muslim Men in Pakistan

12-year-old Muqada and her sister Asma were returning home from their work in Lahore, when Muqadas was kidnapped by two Muslim men and three women. They took her into a closed school and the two men, identified as Ashraf Alias Achi and Ghaffor Alias Paida raped her repeatedly, and then abandoned her. One of the rapists was arrested. Christian lawyer Sardar Mushtaq Gill, said to Fides: “We will do everything so that this violence does not go unpunished.” The family has been intimidated to withdraw the complaint. Rape is very common among young Christian girls in Pakistan, and is rarely punished.

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