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Office of Christian TV Channel in Pakistan Burned to the Ground

Earlier this week, the office of a Christian television channel was burned to the ground by unknown assailants in Karachi, Pakistan. Owners and employees of the Christian channel claim the attack was religiously motivated and took careful planning to execute. Christians and other religious minorities in Pakistan are often targeted by radical groups. In March, suicide bombers attacked two churches in Lahore killing almost 20 people.

Pope Francis in Africa: What Are the Key Issues He will Face?

Pope Francis has maintained a strong voice for the persecuted Church. Now that his three-nation tour of Africa has begun, will he address Christian persecution as he visits the continent most racked by such violence towards believers. While he’s there, Kenya has declared Thursday a national holiday to accommodate his visit, but a Kenyan atheist group challenges the institution citing separation of church and state. He also plans to visit Uganda and Central African Republic.

17 Refugees of the Christian Montagnard Minority Return to Vietnam

17 Montagnard refugees are planning to return home to Vietnam after they had fled to Cambodia citing religious and political persecution. The past few years have seen hundreds flee to Cambodia from the central highlands in Vietnam. The Montagnard are predominately a Christian minority group which has experienced persecution and discrimination by local authorities in the region as the central highlands is more rural to the south bordering both Laos and Cambodia. These are the latest to voluntarily return home as their requests for refugee status have gone unfulfilled by the United Nations.

More than 150 Christians Face Imminent Expulsion in Mexico

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on November 15, local government officials and community leaders in the village of Mariano Matamoros in Mexico have threatened to expel 158 Christians from the small Chiapas community. The threat comes after years of severe religious freedom violations perpetuated against the Christians, and after a recent farmland raid instigated by community leaders against the small Protestant community which left many without food. Since 2012, Protestant Christians in Mariano Matamoros have suffered severe discrimination persecution, and gross abuse of their basic human rights, but the October 15 farmland raid left the Protestant community in an especially desperate situation.

The Paris Attacks Are Bad News For Christian Refugees

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Paris, the shifting tide of sentiment towards refugees fleeing from Syria means even less chance of support for Syrian Christians who were already in bad situation. Every nation is reviewing how such a thing could happen – and what they need to do to prevent an occurrence within their own borders. The conflict and persecution on one side and the fear on the other, leaves them in the middle with dwindling aid and support.

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