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Texas Teen Says Teacher Told Students to Deny God in Assignment or Fail

United States, Oct 28, 2015: According to reports, a seventh grade student, Jordan Wooley, of a Texas junior high school was told by her teacher to deny God or fail an assignment. The assignment had students label statements as either facts or opinions and one of the statements at hand was, “There is a God.” When Wooley and multiple other students objected to the teacher by saying that it was a fact, they were told that they would fail the assignment unless they changed their answers. After an investigation took place, the assignment was eliminated, but the teacher claims that she was unfairly vilified and her intentions were misconstrued.

Nigerian Army Rescues 338 from Boko Haram

Nigeria, Oct 28, 2015: Nigerian troops have rescued 338 people from the clutches of the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram. The operation which occurred on October 27 was conducted around the Sambisa forest in northeastern Nigeria which is considered a Boko Haram stronghold. Among those rescued were 192 children and 138 women. The rescue operation is one of many recent successes against Islamic militants in the region as President Buhari has continued to pledge the end of the terrorist group by December of 2015. The identity of those rescued are unknown at this time however, due to the number of children rescued and the location it is possible that some of the Christian Chibok school girls may be among them.

Asia Bibi’s Lawyer Reports She is “Safe and in Good Health” in Pakistani Prison

Pakistan, Oct 28, 2015: Last week, Asia Bibi’s Supreme Court lawyer visited his client in prison to assess her condition. Many new article claiming Bibi’s health was in decline prompted the lawyer to make the journey to a prison in Multan. According to the lawyer, Bibi is in good health and is safe in prison as she awaits her appeal to Pakistan’s Supreme Court. In 2010, Bibi was sentenced to death after being convicted of committing blasphemy against Islam. The accusation springs from an argument Bibi had with Muslim coworkers who were offended that Bibi, a Christian, used the same water bowl as her Muslim coworker.

Christians In Middle East ‘Are Facing Genocide’

Iraq, Oct 28, 2015: A letter, written by Lord Alton of Liverpool and Baroness Cox, asked Mr Cameron to “urgently consider” the plight of Christian refugees. The two leading human rights figures in the UK are pressing Prime Minister Cameron to ensure that he acts to provide refuge to Iraqi Christians fleeing conflict and persecution. As many are seeking to leave the country, suffering from the conflict and targeted persecution, world leaders are scrambling to figure out how to provide safe refuge for those in need.

More Violence in Xinjiang

China, Oct 26, 2015: When will the unrest in Xinjiang cease?  The latest attack in a long series of aggressions was recently reported by Radio Free Asia, when at least 17 assailants, armed with knives, set upon innocent Han Chinese coal miners sleeping in their dormitory beds in Baicheng on September 18.  Before the morning came, more than 50 people had been killed and dozens wounded. The Chinese government repression of religious freedom among the Uighurs in western China is likely to lead to continued violence until the government is able to understand the importance that religion plays in the lives of many of China’s citizens

Destruction of Tibetan Homes Near Qinghai Lake Leaves over 900 Homeless

China, Oct 26, 2015: Chinese government authorities unilaterally bulldozed and destroyed the homes of hundreds of ethnic Tibetans beginning in the early hours of the morning without apparent warning.  Although authorities gave no reason for their actions, the apparent reason for the destruction of the homes and the displacement of hundreds of families was to maintain the beauty of a rather scenic area.

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