India’s “cautious friendliness” to Iran *Goa BJP wins Christians over?

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Indai cautious on accusing IranIndia-Iran, March 10, 2012: New Delhi has arrested a journalist linked to an Iranian group over terrorist attacks against Israeli diplomats. But India still does not take sides in favor of Israel, against Iran.

An Indian journalist has been arrested for the attack on an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi last month. Syed Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi, who is working for an Iranian publication, was apprehended from his residence in south Delhi. The 50-year-old scribe is alleged to be part of an Iranian group behind the attack.

But the Government of India has not yet taken a stand against the Government of Iran. The terrorist attack on an Israeli diplomat’s vehicle in New Delhi has thrown a harsh spotlight on a relationship that many in the capital have preferred to hide under a bushel. India and Israel have had a complicated equation since the two independent countries emerged from the territorial reordering that followed the World War II, but their history long precedes their existence as modern nation states.

Two personal computers, a laptop, his car, mobile phone and 1,250 US dollars were recovered from his residence.

Sources said Kazmi helped with the logistics, including conducting reconnaissance missions of the Israeli embassy and providing his car to the bombers. Kazmi, sources said, confessed to helping the bombers and being part of the “conspiracy”. “He was in regular touch with the main conspirators for over a year and helped them at every step,” a source said.

The foreign ministry remained tight-lipped on the Iran link, saying it was too early to draw conclusions. Four people, including an Israeli diplomat were injured in the twin bomb attacks that targeted Israeli embassy staff in India.

India values its relationship with Israel, but not at the expenses of its friendship with Arab and other Muslim states. This is why the terrorist attack means more to both sides than either will openly admit. India and Israel must work together to deal with it, and to prevent a recurrence.

– ct nilesh

Goa BJP wins Christians over


Goa_BJPGoa, March 08, 2012: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wins 24 seats, Congress (Inc) only 9. Candidacy of 6 Catholics among the ranks of the BJP is fundamental. Fr. Theodore Mascarenhas: “Catholics are tired of corruption; they want to trust the BJP candidate. Now they must prove that there will be no discrimination. ” The Hindu ultra – Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has won elections in Goa, one of the most Christian states in India. Manohar Parrikar Prabhu will be the new chief minister. The BJP won 24 seats, compared to only 9 won by Sonia Gandhi’s Congress (Inc). To ensure victory, Parrikar presented six Catholic candidates and supported two independent Catholics. All six won.

According to Fr. Theodore Mascarenhas sfx, originally from Goa and responsible for Asia, Africa and Oceania to the Pontifical Council for Culture, the “Catholics of Goa were saturated with the rampant corruption of the old government. They wanted to give it a chance. Now, it is for the BJP to prove that there will be no discrimination or violence based on religion.”

“The BJP – said the priest – was well organized and focused on the figure of Parrikar. He apologized for the mistakes of the past against the Christians, and as an act of good will nominated 7 members of the Catholic community. The Congress instead has continued to offer the Raj family (influential dynasty of Goa), giving no impression of wanting to find a way out of this clientele mechanism. People were caught between corruption and violence based on religion. They no longer wanted to be represented by corrupt politicians, and felt that even the BJP would be better than a few families controlling the State. They wanted to trust Parrikar, and the nomination of six Catholics has certainly made the decision easier.”

However, Fr. Mascarenhas is cautions, “what Parrikar and the BJP have to remember is that their alliance got only 39% of the votes against 32% of Congress. Each of them against a good chunk of voters. They must be careful not to harass the Catholic community again.” In this new scenario, “the Church must be very vigilant in the interests of all citizens. It could not support the Congress because of rampant corruption. Parrikar has apologized, so we can not define them as ultranationalist without giving them a second chance”.

Venkaiah Naidu, known member of the BJP, commented on the victory by saying that “voters have left behind the religion and have chosen for their good government.” But Fr. Mascarenhas specifies: “They most luminous principles of the Word of God led people to vote against corruption, even braving the danger of violence based on religion. For this reason, the BJP should never take for granted those who voted, and prove they have no hidden agenda. Let them remember that there are other principles of faith that come into play at the next election.”

– nirmala carvalho

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