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PassportIndia, January 25, 2012: Major Superiors and members of international /Associations should find it easier to facilitate international meetings and exchanges in India which is becoming a common phenomenon.

In January 2012 India introduced Visa on Arrival for 5 countries of the world on an experimental basis. It was further expanded in April. Last week the Government has further expanded the list by adding 13 more countries which includes some of the European countries as well.

According to the scheme a tourist visa will be given on arrival in some of the major Airports in India. This cuts away lots of other formalities of getting visas in the countries of origin.

Recent years many Major Superiors have been finding it difficult to travel to India due to visa restrictions in their country of origin.

For religious congregations shifting to Asia, especially to India with 1 lakh 30 thousand religious, this is a welcome situation.

Recently many congregations have been holding their international meetings, including the one time high profile General Chapters to India.

Compared to some of the cities like Singapore, Manila and Bangkok and Hongkong were seen as easy destinations because of visa facilities. Now that India is opening up for easy access to international movements there is going to be more movements.

As a country India can benefit much from such an opening. The security phobia of Indian establishment is slowly getting melted away. We expect more countries will be included in the list during the coming months and years.

The global Indian is getting more space for his friends and international congregations/associations can function more freely.

Hope the Government will also open provisions to set up international offices easily without pride and prejudice.

– cri

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