Indian Catholics praise Vatican’s ‘confession-finder’ app

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New Delhi, November 28, 2016: Confessions are now an app away with ‘The Catholic App’ launched on Nov 22 in Vatican by Archbishop Leo Cushley of St Andrews & Edinburgh. The world’s first GPS-powered ‘confession-finder’ app will also help faithfuls in attending mass while traveling.

Welcoming the move, Fr. Savarimuthu Sankar, Spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Delhi said that it is about adapting to the time when you cater to young people who are tech savvy, adding that ‘in this digital world we have to provide with digital services’.

‘The Catholic App’ was an action taken in response to Pope’s call to introduce a legacy of the Year of Mercy.

According to Vatican Radio, the app which will go live in 2017, will help faithfuls connect to the nearest church around archdiocese for confessions and Holy Mass.

“If you’re asking me, it’s a great idea. The Church is finally catching up with the available technology and it would be a great tool for the faithful,” said 30-year-old Clynt D from Mumbai.

Echoing the same view Barry Rodgers from Calcutta said, “I think the app is a step forward in the right direction, especially for the Catholic Church in Rome. Who wouldn’t want an app providing details about mass timings and the nearest churches you can visit. It might just help people to be on time for Sunday mass. There’s no excuse now.”

Seeing it as a great move by Pope Francis, Rodney D’souza, production assistant from Bangalore while praising the Pope said, “He is making a genuine attempt to keep up with the times.”

Also coming as a breath of fresh air for travellers wanting to attend Holy Mass anywhere, Angela Pereira, from Goa said, “The app that gives you directions to the nearest church or helps you find a confessional, seems like a godsend. It would come in handy especially if you’re traveling – in a different country or state.”

As soon as the app was announced, few media websites gave it the name of ‘Sindr’ and started comparing it with the dating app ‘Tinder’. Terming it a misnomer, Clynt D from Mumbai says it should rather be called Uber of the Catholic Church, adding “It is simple, really. The app’s purpose is not to get you a ‘match’, but to direct you to the nearest Mass, confessional or church.”

“The idea of ‘Sindr’ app is that it allows you to find a priest in the vicinity to make an immediate confession,” said Sanjana Jadav, content editor. Launched in conjunction with Scottish technology company, Musemantik, Dr. Maciej Zurawski, the founder and CEO said, “He hopes other Catholic dioceses around the world will purchase the new app,” as told to Vatican Radio.

“In a time when websites are losing popularity, it is important to engage with the mobile generation, with an app that is smart and personal,” he added.

As reported by Vatican Radio, Archbishop Leo Cushley called the app ‘a little bit of smart technology that could make a big impact on how the Catholic Church brings the mercy of God and the joy of the Gospel to our contemporary world.’

As the website says ‘delivering mercy for god in a contemporary way’, launching early next year, the app will work with dioceses on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.

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