Iranian sent into exile for evangelistic activities

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Iran, August 27, 2013: An Iranian convert from Islam to Christianity has been sentenced to serve a year in jail followed by two years in exile in a remote border town for his evangelistic activities.

Ebrahim Firouzi was said to be “propagating against the Islamic regime”

Ebrahim Firouzi was said to be “propagating against the Islamic regime”

Ebrahim Firouzi of Robat-Karim was accused of starting and directing an evangelism group, launching a Christian website, distributing Bibles and Christian literature and attending house churches. The judge described such activities as “propagating against the Islamic regime” and said that Ebrahim was “an anti-Islamic Revolution agent inside the country”.

He was tried in July, and the court’s verdict was delivered to him last week. It said:

According to the court’s decision, evangelism activities of the accused, Ebrahim Firouzi, are considered to be in opposition to the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and thus the court condemns him to one year of imprisonment.

After Ebrahim has completed his jail term, he will then be exiled to a remote town near theIran-Pakistan border for two years.

He was arrested on 7 March when four plainclothes security officers raided his workplace. Ebrahim was subjected to intense interrogation for ten consecutive days and held for nearly two months before being temporarily released on bail.

He had previously been in trouble with the authorities because of his Christian activities; Ebrahim spent 154 days in custody following his first arrest in January 2011.


Pastor Saeed Abedini, who is serving an eight-year jail term for planting house churches, has been suffering internal bleeding as a result of beatings in prison. The pain has intensified to such a level that, at one point, it caused him to faint.

Having previously been denied medical treatment, Saeed has now been allowed to receive treatment from a hospital doctor.

Another Christian prisoner, Farshid Fathi, who was jailed for six years in March 2012, has told in a letter how he has been subjected to severe mental torture by interrogators and prison guards. The father of two wrote:

I was told falsely that my wife had been arrested as well and that I needed to give my children’s custody to someone for a temporary period of time. I was also informed falsely that my dad had a heart attack and was hospitalised. Then they wouldn’t give me any follow-up news on whether he was dead or alive, while it was all intended to put me under mental pressure.

His wife and children have actually left Iran because of the pressure they were under from the Iranian authorities. They fled to Turkey in August 2011, then successfully applied for refugee status in Canada, where they moved in February.

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