IS target specifically Christian district, killing five

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ISIS executions of ChristiansSyria, May 26, 2016: Islamic State has attacked an area of North East Syria that is almost exclusively populated by Christians, killing at least five people.

Jihadists stormed the area near the Miami restaurant in Qamishle City’s al-Wusta neighbourhood shouting “Alahu Akbar” (God is great) and “ISIS is here to stay” while firing shots with handguns and lobbing grenades. Although, Assyrian security forces shot and killed two suicide bombers before they could detonate their suicide belts, one suicide bomber was able to detonate his belt near the Miami restaurant and Dominos’ Pizza killing three Christians.

Qamishle has been one of the most important centres for Christians in Syria and had an estimated 40,000 Christians before the war, half of whom are thought to have now fled. Most of the population of the al-Wusta district are Assyrian, Armenian or Syriac Christians. This is the third time since December that Islamic State terrorists have targeted cafes and food outlets in this district.

A few days later other jihadists, possibly linked to Islamic State, killed at least 140 people after they set off a series of bombs in the coastal towns of Jableh and Tartous that had previously been regarded as relatively safe. These appeared to be aimed at the Awalite sect linked to President Assad that IS regards as non-Muslims.

Some analysts have suggested that as Islamic State starts to lose territory in Iraq it is focusing increasing attention on targeting minorities in Syria, including Christians. Last week we reported how jihadists from Islamic State targeted a town near the city of Hama that is populated only by Christians and Alawites, killing an as yet unspecified number of men, women and children, with the women being raped before being slaughtered. This is the latest episode in the ongoing jihadist genocide that aims to remove all non-Muslims from Syria.

– barnabas team

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