ISIS demands Christian exile: 250 Christian families face persecution or slaughter

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christian-families-face-persecutionIraq, September 29, 2014: The Islamic group ISIS has given a command to all Christians living in the territory they rule. They demand that the Christians, “evacuate themselves”. They state that after noon Saturday, September 21 “there is nothing left between us and them, but the sword.”

While the command to flee seems straightforward enough, however before they can escape they must first pay a poll tax. A poll tax, however is not a simple sum of money. In fact, in Islam the poll tax is similar to permanent indentured servitude or slavery. When subjected to a poll tax one must dress in a particular manner so to be easily identified from everyone else – similar to who the Jews were treated during the Nazi reign in Europe.

Christians have been fleeing ISIS controlled Iraq and Syria for weeks now, making it one of the largest exodus in the region’s history.

…While it started, again like it did with the Jews, with demands that Christians be fired from their jobs; then moved toward their homes and businesses being marked it has now finally come to this outright demand for exile and threat of death. Altogether, the Muslim nation has done its best to purge itself of any last remnant of the Christian faith – even by means of slaughter.

Human Rights Watch said the Islamic State ‘seems intent on wiping out all traces of minority groups from areas it now controls in Iraq.’

While most Christians have fled, sources also state that there are some who simply cannot leave. The last information received states that there are around 250 Christian families left behind unable to leave who face persecution or slaughter.

We at the World Council of Independent Christian Churches ask that you join us in praying for these families and all others facing persecution today from the evil fascist ISIS regime. We ask that you might stand with us to support them and make their plight known throughout the world.

Unlike the Nazi’s treatment of the Jews – these horrors are not something that happened in the history books – it is a horror that is happening this very minute and this very week. Please pray with us for those who are sleeping in fear tonight and who may be killed alongside their family for the beliefs we all share.


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