ISIS recruiter radicalises Indian-Muslim youths, calls to spread ‘Allah’s teachings

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New Delhi, June 03, 2017: In an investigation by TIMES NOW, an Islamic State of Iraq and Lavent (ISIS) recruiter can be witnessed radicalizing the youth of India sitting thousands of kilometers away and telling them to abandon ‘kafirs’ as they are not real Muslims.

Rashid Abdulla, the ISIS recruiter operating from Afghanistan can be heard over a phone call, radicalising the Muslim youth of India.

“It is Allah’s order that we should now co-exist peacefully and apply the concept of Warah-al-bara (loyalty) because the wicked scholars do not teach these days,” he said.

In the conversation, he could be heard preaching about the teachings of Allah, “Living with Hindus and Christians is not Allah’s way.”

He then asked the person on the other end whether Allah has taught Muslims to live peacefully with “non-believers and Mushfikaars (Christians and Jews)”.

Abdulla also tried to instigate the person on the other end by giving his own example.

“I also used to go to college in Kerala. Who were my classmates—Hindus and Muslims. Is this the entity that Allah wants us to maintain?

“What is the current state of affairs in colleges? Muslims are told to study alongside Hindus and Christians. And who are these teachers? Most of them are non-Muslims and non-believers. And those who gave them permission to Muslims to send their children to study alongside Hindus and Christian,” he said.

He took the opportunity to target the Muslim scholars who teach Muslim youth in Madrassas to live peacefully with students from other religious backgrounds.

“Who are these scholars? They teach us secularism, they are not affected by what Allah has taught. They are happy earning money and fame and also some other agenda,” said Abdulla.

He, then, pursued the youth saying, “They try to use logic, and use rationale to mislead you.”

This spine-chilling call from the caliphate of the Islamic State to promote its agenda and extremism has affected several youths in the southern states of Hyderabad and Kerala among others.

On May 20, in a bone-chilling interview with The Indian Express, former engineer and terror recruiter, Abdulla, who is wanted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) for  leading 23 Kerala residents to join the Islamic State in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province, has slammed Islamist scholars in India for not following what he claims is Islam’s true objective – offensive jihad.

“In India, the Modi government is a blessing in disguise for us”, he said in the interview.

“This is because while, in some parts of India, Muslims face visible oppression, in many others, they really do not recognize the reality of their oppression. The hypocrite scholars misguide them. The Modi government is planning to change the Constitution and once that happens, the real oppression will begin. That is when Muslims will start searching for the solution”, Abdullah stated, adding that “people only remember God when a loved one is dying in the hospital. Jihad is like that, too”.

Several Muslim organisations in the country have time and again launched campaigns against the terror group, saying it was trying to justify its violence by distorting Islamic symbols and history. Slamming ISIS for “un-Islamic” acts and “undermining the basic tenets” of the faith, scholars have stated that their acts would only lead to the destruction of the Muslim community.

“Muslim leaders in India claim that it is possible for Muslims to practice their faith 100% in India: we can pray, fast, go for hajj, and so on”, he said. “But the hypocrite Islamic scholars stay silent on the Quranic commandment for Muslims to engage in offensive jihad. They know that the Prophet went with weapons and conquered the whole of the Arabian peninsula. The Islamic State follows the example of the Prophet Muhammad in Medina, yet these so-called scholars criticize it”.

“Islam spread by the sword — not by peace”, Abdulla added.

The NIA in February had filed a charge sheet against two persons in connection with its probe in the alleged indoctrination of Kerala youths to join terror group ISIS.

The agency had filed the charge-sheet in a special court in Mumbai against Arshi Qureshi (47) alias Arshid, a resident of Thane who has been arrested by the agency, and Abdul Rashid Abdulla (30), hailing from Kasaragod in Kerala, who is absconding.

The NIA said it has charged the two for “their involvement in unlawful activities and in spreading hatred against India and for providing support to the proscribed terrorist organisation ISIS by furthering its activities”, under various sections of the Unlawful Activity (Prevention) Act.

However, Abdulla, who describes the Caliphate in Afghanistan as some form of a utopia, doesn’t appear too worried about the search for him. He believes that the fact Hindu gods are being worshiped and that Indian Muslims can live with that fact is “unIslamic”. He states that he was jubilant following the September 11 attacks and calls Islamist scholars who declared them “terror attacks”, hypocrites and in the pay of the United States government.

He also added that it is impossible to wage true offensive jihad in India and hence, they have to “consolidate the Caliphate and then expand its frontiers”.

“Perhaps we can carry out one or two lone wolf attacks, or a strike here or there, but not true offensive jihad”, Abdulla said. “We have lots of people in India, and we tell them: wait, we are coming. The Islamic State is growing far faster than you can imagine. The aim is for the whole world to be ruled by the law of Allah, so he alone is worshiped, not false gods”.

“Thanks to Western education, young people have come to realize the drawbacks of the western system. The youth have realized that western philosophy, and the western way of life, rests on shaky foundations. Some turn to atheism and find themselves stuck in a spiritual vacuum. Thanks to the internet, though, and to their knowledge of English, a new world has opened up to the youth,” he added.

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