ISIS threatens to behead Obama & ‘Transform America into Muslim province’

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ISIS threatens ObamaU.S., January 29, 2015: In a new propaganda video released earlier this week, the Islamic State terrorist organization has threatened to behead President Barack Obama and spread Shariah law by converting the United States into one of ISIS’ Muslim provinces.

The video, titled “Bombardment of Peaceful Muslims in the City of Mosul,” which was released on Monday and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, is thought to be a retaliation after Kurdish forces fully seized control of the strategic Syrian border town of Kobane on the same day.

The first part of the video shows the destruction caused in Mosul due to mortar shelling from Kurdish forces. The second part of the video goes on to show an ISIS fighter beheading a captured Kurdish soldier.

But before the ISIS militant executes the Kurdish soldier, he makes direct threats to western countries like the U.S., France and Belgium.

The militant explained how he and his comrades will one day reach the U.S., and when they do, they’ll decapitate Obama inside the White House. The fighter also threatened to behead the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masoud Barzani. He also issued threats to the people in France and Belgium.

“This is the fate of anyone who opposes Islam,” the militant said. “Know, oh Obama, that we will reach America. Know also that we will cut off your head in the White House and transform America into a Muslim province.”

“Know that we are men who fear no one,” the militant added. “We will institute the laws of Allah; may he be exalted and praised.”

The fighter didn’t have kind words for Barzani, either.

“But as for your, oh Masoud, you dog, we are going to behead you and throw you into the trash bin of history,” the fighter explained.

As for the people of France and Belgium: “We advise you that we will come to you with car bombs and explosive charges and we will cut off your heads.”

The fighter continued by labeling western nations as hypocrites for their involvement in U.S.-led international coalition airstrikes, which the Obama administration said has killed over 6,000 ISIS fighters and helped opposition forces seize strategic areas, like Kobane, from ISIS militants.

“This is one of your soldier’s fate,” the militant said in reference to the Kurdish soldier he was about to execute. “[E]very time you launch a missile, we will send you back the head of one of your soldiers. You are killing children and bombing civilians, while claiming that this is forbidden in your constitution.”

The video also showed a resident giving testimony about how one of the coalition’s airstrike missiles landed on his home and killed infants and children. The Syrian Network for Human Rights reported that 50 civilians were killed in a single airstrike in the Syrian town of Al Bab in December 2014, which would make it the worst case of civilian casualties caused by one airstrike since the airstrikes began in Syria in September.

The video ends after the shouting militant killed the Kurdish soldier with his knife, while others watched and praised the brutal killing.

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