Its Now or Never: A Christian for President or Vice President

Q: Why can’t a Christian be President or Vice President of India? Who stops it?
A: Because the Clergy and Christians do not effectively raise their voice.

The CSF is trying to change this situation. Of course it will not happen overnight. But a begining has been made. Some one has to start, some where…. Over 500 have signed up the online petition already. Much more are needed. We need you to act and do your little bit. Indian Christians are about to lose yet another opportunity to have a Christian as, if not President, at least the next Vice-President of the country. This will happen if the Church, Bishops, Clergy and Community take it upon themselves to at least sign a petition. As you are aware, the LORD used your signing the petition in many cases to bring success to The CSF campaigns. We at least to voice our grievances and need to make ourselves heard. Let’s do it.
The case of the objectionable movie (Who’s There), the banning of Christian words by the Pakistan Telecom authorities, the Anglo Indian widow Patsy Rixon and her family, are just a few instance of how the LORD has used you and internet technology, to hear the prayers of HIS people and other right thinking citizens.
If we do not have at least a Vice President this time, we will not have it in the future, given the political signs of time. This is therefore a very special request to sign the below petition by clicking on the link below:
We have not mentioned any names, as there are many suitable candidates. However, if asked and to the leaderships and decision-makers concerned, we would be happy to provide a list.
We need to sign-up fast and also get this online petition viral by circulating it widely. Importantly, do send it to your Bishops and Church members, to get maximum signatures.
The LORD will surely bless you for it, even as we pray for each one who sign this petiton. And then we leave the rest to HIM and HIS time.
Blessings and Respect,
Joseph Dias
Request to nominate a Christian as President or Vice-President of India

1. For almost 70 years, India has not had Christians represented.
2. There are many Christians, who are equally or better qualified, but ignored.
3. The service of the community has not been recognized with constitutional positions.
4. Christians feel neglected and taken for granted and hence request at least the VP’s post.

Greetings from Indian Christians,
Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Congress President and UPA Chairperson
Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, Leader of the Opposition
Leaders of All National & State Political Parties

Dear Decision-maker

Sub: Plea to consider a Christian for President or VP of India – The CSF
Ref: No Reason Why Christians Should be Denied Gubernatorial Posts

This is with reference to the parleys being held for the forthcoming elections of the President or Vice President of the country. Indian Christians have meritoriously worked their way to the top in every field of national endeavour, including being chiefs of armed forces. However, top constitutional posts as these, have since the last almost 70 years eluded the community.

The yeoman service of Christians, without any discrimination, to the needy and the downtrodden is incomparable. Yet, other religious groups like the Muslim or even the miniscule Sikh community, have been represented – many times and in multiple constitutional positions.There could be easily a Christian match for any other selected to fill the vacancy.

Not Merit, rather symbolicism is what matters. It is for this reason that KR Narayanan’s Dalit background, Pratibha Patil’s gender, besides the religion of Zail Singh and APJ Kalam, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and Zakir Hussain is touted. No one should hence have an objection to Christians being given a chance.

Political compulsions may prevent a Christian from becoming the President, but we would be indebted to you for helping get elected at least the first Vice President from the community.

Indian Christians appreciate a positive response from your end.

Yours & in the Community’s Service,

[Your name]

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