Jakarta, arrests nine ISIS militants: They incited protests against the governor

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Indonesia, November 28, 2016: Indonesian police have arrested nine potential terrorists linked to the Islamic State who participated in the mass demonstrations against Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, known as “Ahok”, governor of Jakarta, in order to generate chaos and violence. General Boy Rafly Amar confirmed the arrests last November 26: “[The] suspects were taken in Bekasi and West Jakarta, and their contacts with the Islamic State are certain.”

November 4, nearly 100 thousand radical Islamists took to the streets to demand the condemnation of Ahok and the withdrawal of his candidacy for governor in elections in February 2017. The politician is accused of blasphemy against Islam will go to trial in the coming weeks. The protest, which resulted in violence, suffered the infiltration of political agitators with the aim of discrediting President Joko Widodo, an ally of the governor.

According to investigators, the project of the nine men was to steal weapons from officers during the march and fire on the crowd. The police, however, said the police spokesman, were not bearing arms that day.

Among those arrested were Saulihun, known as Abu Musaibah, a character that has favored the sending of Indonesian militants to Syria to fight with the Caliphate; Alwandi known as Aseng, who trained terrorists in a paramilitary barracks; Wahyu Widada and Ibu Aji Maulana, accused of working for the Islamic State as a bridge between Syria and Indonesia, preparing the advance of the caliphate in Southeast Asia.

Police said that there is no connection between these suspected terrorists and radical Islamic groups (such as the Islamic Defenders Front) who organized the march.

After these arrests the authorities are increasingly concerned ahead of the protests of the next December 2nd. The radical movements have announced plans to occupy the central streets of Jakarta during the Friday prayers. The agents have warned the organizers and the local inhabitants, since “it is likely that the event will be infiltrated by unknown persons “. Chief Inspector of Jakarta, General Mohammad Iriawan, said that the protest is not authorized by the authorities.

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