Jaljeera, mocktails replace colas as hoteliers protest Israeli bombings in Gaza

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Muslim BoycottMumbai, July 19, 2014: Over a hundred hoteliers across the city are boycotting American soft drinks as ‘United States is supporting Israelis in the conflict’.

Extending their support to the Palestinians, over 270 of whom have been killed in the ongoing Israeli bombing attacks in Gaza, more than a hundred hoteliers in various parts of the city are boycotting cola drinks, including Pepsi and Coca Cola.

The hoteliers have taken the step against the American products, because “America is supporting the Israelis in the conflict”, they said.

While several prominent hotels including Shalimar, Baghdadi and Noor Mohammadi Hotel at Bhendi Bazaar, and Persian Durbar at Byculla, stopped selling cola drinks four to five days ago, other smaller hotels have stopped purchasing fresh stock. The move is backed by hoteliers from Colaba to Behram Baug in Jogeshwari, and Bhendi Bazar to Kurla, Mumbra and other areas.

With Ramzan in progress, people in the Muslim-dominated areas are resorting to mocktails, juices and jaljeera as alternatives.

On July 16, more than a hundred members of the Indian Hotel and Restaurant Association met at Shalimar Hotel to discuss the issue. “We have taken a collective decision to boycott these products as a silent protest to the bombings that are killing so many innocent people, including children. We will continue this protest until the bombings are stopped,” said Omaer Sheikh, managing director of Shalimar.

Terming it as ‘a peaceful protest’, the hoteliers said the purpose is to convey their disapproval of the indiscriminate bombings of hospitals, mosques and villages in Gaza to the Israeli government.

“United States is supporting the Israelis, so in protest we decided to stop selling American cola drinks five days ago. It is horrible to see the way the Israelis are bombing innocent civilians. We cannot do too much, but this is our way of protesting,” said Rashid Hakim, owner of Noor Mohammadi restaurant.

Some small restaurants have stopped replenishing supplies. “We completely stopped purchasing new stock three days ago. Though we don’t know much about the issue, we are protesting against the violence by the Israelis,” said Mushtaq Motiwala, owner of Ali Bhai Seekhwala, arestaurant in Pydhonie.

In 2001, a similar two-month protest against the killing of innocents by US bombings in Afghanistan had been undertaken by hundreds of Muslim and non-Muslim hoteliers in the city. Identifying Coca Cola and Pepsi as symbols of American consumerism, the boycott had alarmed cola companies at that time.

– mumbai mirror

Appeal to boycott Israeli Products gaining momentum

Hoteliers BoycottMumbai, July 22, 2014: After the call to boycott Israeli Products by the leaders and hoteliers in Mumbai, thousands of citizens in Mira Road, Mumbai took a pledge to boycott Israeli products on Sunday.

Sunday being the deadliest day in the latest round of conflict between Israel and Hamas whereby both sides reported maximum causalities with 87 Palestinians and 18 Israeli Soldiers are reported to be killed.

Agitating against the Israeli attack on Gaza that has killed more than 500 people, most of whom are reported to be innocent civilians- children and women; Jamaat-e-Islami Hind along with other organisations has held different programmes throughout Maharashtra.

Abdul Qadeer, President of JIH, Mira Road unit said, “We undertook a signature campaign at 4 prominent places namely Mira Road Station, Shams Masjid, Hyderi chowk and N H School Corner.” We organised an awareness campaign about the ongoing conflicts, ask them to boycott the Israeli products and requested them to buy Indian Products instead.

A signature campaign was run to petition the United Nations to pass a resolution against Israel, condemning the brutality of the Zionist power. The petition urges the UNO to convene a special session condemning Israel, lifting blockade of Gaza, to constitute a committee to evaluate the loss of lives of innocent men and infrastructure.

Thousands of citizens responded positively. They pledged to boycott the Israeli products and signed the memorandum.

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind also held different programmes in Jalna, Nanded, Akola, Aurangabad, Pune, Mumbra for the awareness of the locals about the issue.

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