Jesus is alive & appears to his friends

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Jesus is alive

I am Alive to carry your burdens therefore cast all your cares and burdens on me for I care for you, I love you.

Are you weeping, in tears, crying? Same Jesus who appeared to Mary Magdalene when she was crying, weeping at the tomb of Jesus will comfort you, will wipe away your tears, will turn all your sorrows into Joy, mourning in to Joy, will fill you with Joy,Peace.

Be of Good Cheer !
Why are you weeping

Are you in doubt, despair, ?

Jesus will appear to you as He Appeared to his disciple doubting Thomas and removed his disbelief , fear and filled him with faith, hope, strength, will fill with you with Strength, hope, Faith.

I defeated death, conquered over the power of death, My Child what is your problem, challenges, stress, strain which you are afraid of ?, which I can not solve by my mighty resurrection power.Nothing is Impossible with Me

Philipians 3:10, Mark 10;27, Jeremiah 32:27

Do not dout
Jesus will Appear

To Remove Doubt

To Remove Disbelief

To Remove Discouragement

To Remove Diseases

To Remove Depression

To Remove Diabetes

Jesus will Appear

To do Wonders

To do Miracles

To do Signs

To do Healing

Thank you Jesus !!

Jesus appearing to his friends

Appear to your children!!!

Jesus appeared to doubting Thomas will He not Appear to you.

Jesus is not partial. Acts 10:34, Romans 2:11

Jesus appearing to his friends

He will say “Look up to my Wounds”

Surely I will Help you

Appear to your children!!! Dear Jesus let your children see you !!!


Loving Lord,
I praise and thank You because Your resurrection alone brought back light, hope and great joy to me. I boldly confess that my Helper, Saviour, and Shepherd is alive and lives forever more. Make Your light shine upon me to dispel the darkness in my heart and make me glad.

All glory, honour and praises belong to You.


– fwd: samuel massey

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