Jharkhand priest accused of blocking Christians buying from Hindu shops

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Ranchi, October 6, 2017: A Christian priest in Jharkhand state has been accused of stopping his community members from buying goods from shops owned by Hindus. But the priest has denied the charges.

Some members of the Hindu Mahasabha and the Bajrang Dal in Latehar district have complained to police against the principal of St Joseph’s School Father Dilip Ekka.

The complaint said the priest told Christians not to buy goods from shops run by those associated with the two outfits.

However, the priest has denied the allegation in a letter to the police, Indian Express reported.

Mahuadand block, where this complaint has been made by the Mahasabha and the Bajrang Dal together, has a higher Christian population — according to the 2011 cesus 44.69 percent are Christians and only 20.79 percent Hindus.

The allegation said Ekka also harassed office-bearers of the Bajrang Dal and Hindus who depended on running shops for a livelihood were in economic distress because of the boycott of sorts.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mahuadand, O P Tiwari said they will be talking “to both sides to get the facts. As of now, there are only allegations.”

One complainant, Sandeep Kumar who is a former president of the city unit of the Bajrang Dal, a person came to buy products worth Rs 23,000 on September 29. “However, as he was buying it, another person, who I know is a Christian, came there and threatened the buyer that he would have to pay a fine of Rs 5,000 if he bought the product from my shop.”

Around half-a-dozen shopkeepers, selling grocery or other products, have also alleged that their outstanding dues are also not being paid, as people are avoiding their shops. All of them are either serving or former Bajrang Dal office-bearers. But they have not lodged any police complaint.

Father Ekka, in a letter to the police, rubbished the charges, saying there was not a single complaint against him of religious conversion. He has nothing to do with buyers and sellers. “I have never directed anybody to buy or not buy from any particular shop,” he wrote.

– indian express

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