John Paul II’s assailant wants to be a priest

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Turkey, July 13, 2016 : The man who shot St John Paul II in 1981, Mehmet Alì Ağca, says he’ll become a priest if Pope Francis welcomes him, Crux reports.

In an interview with Italian TV channel Canale 5, Ağca says he wants to travel with the Pope to Fatima in 2017 to pray with him to the Madonna.

Ağca, 58, served 19 years in an Italian prison for the shooting before he was pardoned in the jubilee year of 2000 at the Pontiff’s request. He was deported to Turkey, where he spent an additional decade behind bars until 2010.

“Here in Turkey, I live as a pensioner wasting my time,” Ağca said in the interview.

“That’s why I want to make an appeal to Pope Francis: Welcome me in the Vatican, and I will become a priest,” he said.

“After John Paul II visited me in prison, I thought about it, and I studied the Gospel at length,” he said. “I know the sacred books better than many others. If the Pope welcomes me, I’ll be a priest and I will celebrate Mass, if he wants me.”

Ağca added that he would like to go to Fatima in Portugal in May 2017 for celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of the famed Marian apparitions. Pope Francis is expected to be on hand.

“I’ll pray there, maybe even together with the Pope, to the Madonna, my spiritual mother,” he said.

The assassination attempt against St John Paul II took place on May 13, 1981, the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima, and reportedly Ağca became fascinated with the devotion and the revelations associated with Fatima.

A former member of the Turkish nationalist group the Grey Wolves, Ağca has given shifting accounts over the years of what impelled him to shoot the Pope – he’s hinted at connections with the KGB, with Islamic radicalism, and various other shadowy forces.

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4 Responses to “John Paul II’s assailant wants to be a priest”

    The guy is best kept at arm’s length. Amen

  2. Sanson David ANTONY says:

    It’s really absurd to publish the interview with the dangerous criminal’s desires of meeting the Pope and wanting to go to Fatima with the Pope and also to become a priest, etc etc. .. while honest Christians undergo rigorous formation to become a priest … stand in queue in odd situation to participate in the Holy Mass at St. Peter’s, and to have a glimpse of the Pope.
    Don’t you have any material to publish ??? Are you running short of news and views ???

  3. isaac gomes says:

    I support ladislaus. Why does Mehmet Alì Ağca want to go the Vatican to be a priest? He has to first become a Catholic and then join any seminary in or around Turkey. Also to pray at Fatima, he does not need to be with the Pope. May be the Pope can visit him at his ordination after 14+ years.

  4. Cedric Menezes says:

    We all want to become priests; however, “many are called but few are chosen”. Agca must have made his intentions known to someone in the Catholic Church. Now, that someone should explain to him that God works in mysterious ways, and that if God wants him to become a Catholic priest, then no one on God’s earth can stop him from becoming one. He can write to the Vatican if he so desires. I do not think that he would not get a suitable reply. Secondly, I am thinking, we do not need to dwell on this issue too much longer, anymore. Who are we to judge Agca? Maybe he has a genuine calling to do something great in his life and does not know how to go about it. Give him a patient hearing at a local level in Turkey.

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