Just Before the Bloom

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Just Before the Bloom I was once watching a movie when I heard a statement that I thought was so good I saved it.

She said ‘the ground is working the hardest when it is barren and the most difficult time is just before it blooms.’

When I heard this statement, I thought about many seeds I had sown and the barren times in my life –

I realized that even in the barren times, the ground that I had sown my seed in was still working and

it was working the hardest just before bloom time or harvest time.

I don’t think I have ever been in a time in my walk with God when it seemed like everyone I knew was getting

attacked in some form or fashion, as I am hearing now.

Be of good cheerAll around me and many of our readers are sharing difficult times and challenging days with us.
First of all, the Bible does say that the world and its ways will keep getting darker and darker.

But it also says ‘be of good cheer, Jesus has overcome the world.’

I, for one, am fully persuaded that no matter what happens in this earth, no matter what kind of attacks are sent forth,

we are the overcomers.  Jesus said so and that is enough for me.
I am also fully persuaded that if we hold on through the difficult seasons and refuse to give up that

we will see the glory of God revealed and manifested in our own personal life.

The Bible teaches us over and over to hold firm, hold fast to our faith, don’t give up.

Just like Bryson’s little song – don’t give up, never give up.

That should be our song as well.
Frankly, we have no reason to give up, Jesus ALREADY secured the victory –

we only have to stand and when we stand we have a promise from God Almighty that we will definitely receive the promise.
The promise is whatever you are standing in faith for.

Hebrews 3:14 says ‘hold your confidence steadfast to the end.’

Hebrews 10:36 says ‘for we have need of endurance, so after we have done the will of God, we will receive the promise.’

Galatians 6:9 tells us ‘do not grow weary in well doing, for we will reap in due season IF WE DO NOT GIVE UP.’
If we do not give up – we will reap.  However the Bible also says that if we waver we will receive nothing from the Lord.

Light of the worldGod has given us this awesome promise – if we don’t give up – we receive the promise.

I know that is easier said than done – but I also know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Through God we can stand and hold our confidence steadfast to the end.

Because of the word of God, our foundation will hold us steady until we receive the promise.   If you find yourself in a place where it is more difficult, more pressure and more pressing than you ever remember before –

remember this; the ground is working the hardest when it is barren and the most difficult time is just before it blooms. Everything you have planted, whether it is the word of God, your faith confessions or financial seeds,


And if it is the most difficult time you ever recall IT’S JUST BEFORE BLOOM TIME.

Hold steady,  hold your confidence and trust in God – its bloom time.

– fwd: vc mathews

Trust in you

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