Justice Kolse Patil and The CSF questions Anna’s secular, casteist & class credentials

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Justice Kolse Patil

Justice Kolse Patil

Mumbai, December 27, 2011: What is his take on BJP, Modi, Yeddyurappa, Nitish Kumar, Minorities, Backwards…
Hazare must clarify why he is only targetting Congress, Sonia & Rahul Gandhi. The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (CSF) calls upon Anna Hazare to clarify his stand on the various criticisms levied against him and his team members, besides urging him to keep religion out his campaign. The latest allegations being that of Anna was secretary with Hindutva idealogue, Nanaji Deshmukh and that the saffron brigade was behind the success of his campaign. These charges coming after the alleged improprieties against Kiran Bedi and Arun Kejriwal have dented his credibility, especially since Anna Hazare is on record to having said that he had no links with the RSS or the Sangh Parivar, while they claimed repeatedly to have backed him. “We are completely in favour of an corruption free India, but this is no means to achieve it. Rather what initially seemed to be a noble objective, is now suspected to have political motives and working towards the detriment of the cause. A half-baked and rushed Lokpal bill, just to meet Anna Hazare’s deadline is no panacea to the evil of corruption, which will not disappear, the day the bill is passed. The Parliament must be allowed to freely debate the bill and its supremacy must not be diluted”, said Joseph Dias, the CSF general secretary. “It is also necessary that Anna Hazare clears himself of various accusations, such as that besides being an RSS agent in 1983, he was also an “Army deserter” since the 1965 war between India and Pakistan”, Dias added.
Why is Anna silent on these issues?

The CSF demands to know what is Anna Hazare’s stand on Hindutva and parties like the BJP, who use people like Sadhvi Rithambara, Colonel Purohit, Ramdev Baba, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, to consolidate Hindu votes against the minorities? “For us communalism is equally important, along with other issues like Irom Sharmila’s fast, about which Anna Hazare has said nothing about. Besides, he has praised Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar, while not demonstrating against attacks on minorities in BJP ruled states like Gujarat or corrupt former CM, Yeddyurappa’s Karnataka (also famed for corruption) or on the BIADA land scam of the Nitish Government in Bihar that led to the Forbesganj firing. The protest itself portrays has Anna Hazare as a demi-god and should anything untoward happen to him, anarchy would rule, which is perhaps what the opposition wants and the people need to guard against. Parliament has been rendered impotent, as extra-constitutional forces take control. There is no space for non-Anna protestors against corruption and such absolute power can corrupt absolutely”, said Joseph Dias.
Justice Kolse Patil, former judge of the Bombay High Court in a message to The CSF says that “the country is being destabilised by communal, casteist and class forces, which have been active since the Mahavir and Gautam Buddha period. As they only were the literate in the country, their work was suppressed and destroyed. The low castes and poor were exploited. Now these very brahminical and capitalist forces want to destroy the Constitution  under the pretext of the movement against corruption. How much does Anna Hazare know is the issue? And who is to prevent the Lokpal from being corrupt? We don’t even spare our Gods from being corrupted. We need to protect our new generations from such forces, inimical to the country”.
A search on the internet points out that a cardiologist from Pune, Abhijit Vaidya, a founder of Arogya Sena, a non-governmental agency active in public health, disaster management and social campaigns – claimed that he was informed by the close associates of Anna Hazare during a fast in Ralegan-Siddhi, that he was given glucose and electrolyte solutions during a fast. Hazare and his associates refused to comment on the allegation. The government of Maharashtra instituted a Commission of Inquiry under Justice PB Sawant in September 2003 to enquire into allegations of corruption against several people, including four ministers in the state as well as the “Hind Swaraj Trust” headed by Hazare. The Commission submitted its report on 22 February 2005 in which it indicted the Hind Swaraj Trust for corrupt practice of spending Rs. 2.20 lakhs of its funds on the birthday celebrations of Hazare.

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