Justice Michael Saldanha Releases The CSF Persecution of Indian Christians 2012 Report

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Joseph Dias, Dr. Ram Puniyani, Justice Michael Saldanha* An Attack Against Christians Everyday
* Maharashtra – The Next Hindutva Laboratory
* Ban Hindutva Sanathan Sanstha and Abhinav Bharat
* No Justice for 5 Dalit Christian Minors Raped in Kandhamal
* Release Karnataka Journalists Jailed & Invoke Art 355 / 356
* Withdraw Cases Against Christians and Improve Fast Track Courts

Marshaling evidence of communal attacks on minorities, particularly the Christians, secular activists gave a clarion call to the Union Home Minister, Sushilkumar Shinde to take up the Maharashtra home ministry’s proposal to ban the Sanathan Sanstha and Abhinav Bharat, as soon as possible. The CSF Persecution of Christians in India 2012 Report was released by Justice Michael Saldanha, former judge in the Bombay and Karnataka High Courts, who said there were almost one attack a day on the community.

Dr. Ram Puniyani & Justice Michael SaldanhaDr. Ram Puniyani of the All India Secular Forum gave the history of various right wing affiliates of the RSS and gave concrete instances of their involvement in the anti-national and communal violence, with the aim to usher in what they call a Hindu nation. According to Joseph Dias, general secretary of The Catholic Secular Forum (CSF), “ we have mentioned the top 250 cases of persecution, which ranges right from Christians who convert being forced to drink cow’s urine to rape and murder of Christian clergy and dalit Christian minors ”.

Among the major recommendations made in The CSF Persecution of Christians in India 2012 Report are:

* Repealing of Freedom of Religion Acts and Amendments to The Lokpal Bill and Foreign Contribution Regulatory Act
* Christian representation by way of a desk/department in the Ministry of Minority Affairs at the Center and States
* A Sachar-type Committee & Finance Corporation for Christians, as has been done for Muslims
* Anti-Sikh & Anti-Muslim riot relief must be minimum standard for Christian attacks too
* Enacting The Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill into legislation
* Union Home Ministry Must Ban Sanathan Sanstha & Abhinav Bharat, like SIMI
* Time-bound Government Inquiries to include and punish officials
* Government documentation of Christian persecution necessary

Joseph Dias produced the following list compiled by Fr. Dibyasingh Pasrichha on the status of cases in Odisha to give  one an indication of justice delayed and denied:

  • Complaint lodged :                                                                         3232
  • Case registered:                                                                             828
  • Cases are not registered:                                                             2404
  • Final charge sheet made:                                                              593
  • Cases were committed to FTC-I & II:                                          327
  • Number of cases pending trial :                                                   255
  • Disposed off cases:                                                                        257
  • Number of case Convicted :                                                          76
  • Number of case Acquitted :                                                          185
  • Total no of accused:                                                                       84000
  • Total Number of accused faced the trial:                                    3181
  • Number of persons/ accused convicted:                                    478
  • Number of persons/ accused acquitted:                                     2757
  • Number of accused get Life imprisonment:                               15
  • Anticipatory bail  granted:                                                                11000

We would continue to brief you on the developments and the reactions to The CSF Persecution on Christians in India 2012 Report in subsequent newsletters.

Blessings and Respect.

Your brother in Christ,

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