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Justice Saldanha addresses PUCL MeetKarnataka, November 29, 2011: Almost every day the media reports an encounter death from some part of the country or the other and such shootings which have absolutely no legal sanction have been described by the judiciary as STATE MURDER. Recently the Gujarat high court has ordered action under section 302 IPC and against the police officers involved in the Ishrath Jahan encounter where the lady student and four others were shot by police. After that Kishanji has just been shot down on the ground that he was a Maoist Leader. Several pertinent questions arise with regard to these operations which are regarded as the very worst form of human rights atrocities. Does the law sanction such action and more importantly can it be justified? In how many cases is the action valid and in how many cases is this being used in order to eliminate inconvenient persons? Does the rule of law admit action of this type? What is the percentage of fake encounters? What is the role of the courts and of the government in such situations? These are the matters of deep seated public importance to which the citizens of the country want the answers.

Custodial Torture and Disappearance:
Human rights institutions globally have been deeply concerned with false arrest for motivated reasons, inhuman custodial torture, Custodial deaths and disappearance of suspects. In Mangalore and South Kanara alone police have been indiscriminately picking up members of the minority community without any record of arrest on the ground that they have been called for questioning and are therefore not produced in court. There is no means of redressal for torturing people or the illegal detention and even where deaths take place it is covered up on the ground that it was due to natural causes. Whenever a serious offence takes place members of the minority community are indiscriminately picked up, beaten up and as happened recently, since there is no record of arrest when the court questions the police they deny having taken the person into custody. Society wants the rule of law to prevail and a stop to these illegalities. 
Political Interference is contempt of court:
The ex-CM, BS Yeddyurappa and many other politicians are facing prosecutions in several sensitive cases, before the Lokayukta Court. These are extremely important cases where top level Police officers of integrity are required for the Investigations. Within four days of the release on bail of the ex-CM the main investigating officer Gaonkar was transferred and he has been replaced by a Yediyurappa loyalist. Gaonkar had only been in that post for 60 days, he is an officer of integrity and because he was inconvenient he was removed. The CM was unable to justify this action which was aimed at scuttling the investigation in all the sensitive cases that were under his investigation. This constitutes direct interference with the course of the judicial proceedings and the court will have to initiate action Under Section 2 of the Contempt of Courts Act against all those responsible and order the restoration of the status quo ante, which requires a reinstatement of Gaonkar at the earliest.

– p.b d’sa

Christian woman arrested on false charges of forced conversion


Christian woman arrested on false charges of forced conversionKarnataka, November 28, 2011: On the eve of Advent, a time of expectations and hope, Karnataka recorded its 41st anti-Christian incident of the year. A Christian woman, Mrs Janakiyamma, who is a member of the Bethel Ministry Church, was arrested. Her “only crime was to spread the word of God,” said Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), which “waits with hope for the time when the Christian minority in Karnataka will enjoy religious freedom as it is enshrined in the Indian Constitution”. On Saturday, Mrs Janakiyamma was praying with her husband and other members of her church at a home in the outskirts of Kushalnagar village, in Kodagu District (Karnataka).

During the meeting, members of the Bajrang Dal and Sangh Parivar, two ultranationalist Hindu organisations, burst into the home, accusing those present of engaging in forced conversions. After they called the Kushalnagar police station, they arrived and arrested the woman, who was taken later in the day to Madikeri Prison. Activists observe the speed with which false accusations are made, and the repeated threats and acts of persecution against Christians in the state shows a clear link between the government, police and extremists. Since 2008, Karnataka has been under the BJP government, which has backed Hindu extremist groups and movements from a far right Hindutva movement. Hers is the 41st case of officially recorded anti-Christian persecution in Karnataka in this year alone.

– nirmala carvalho

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