Kandhamal Christian cemetery desecrated. Caste certificates denied

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Kandhamal Christian cemetery desecrated

Kandhamal Christian cemetery desecratedOdisha, November 12, 2012: Village Midiakia is about 15 kilometres south of Baliguda in Kandhamal. Midiakia also was badly affected by persecutions of 2008. A Christian leader Minoketan Nayak of this village was murdered on 26 July 2011. Christians of the village include Free Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, etc.

About a week ago Pastor Gaurango Nayak, took a walk to the cemetery. To his horror he found that ‘cross’ on each of the grave has been removed and a few trees have been cut. Part of the cemetery land close to the tombs has been completely cleared of all trees and bushes and was ploughed. Had his visit to the cemetery been delayed by another two days, all the graves too would have been ploughed.

Though police and civil officials have been informed, the culprits have not been arrested. It is reported that the area may be placed under sec 145, preventing both parties from entering the graveyard.

This is the village selected by the district administration in 2010 to show as the model village of peace and harmony and had organized the visit of Odisha Governor.

– bro kj markose

Kandhamal Tribal Christians denied caste certificates

Kandhamal Tribal Christians denied caste certificates

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Odisha, November 12, 2012: Prakash Pradhan (a Kandho tribal) is native of village Pikoredi in Tikabali block of Kandhamal. He submitted his application, in July 2012, to the revenue officials of Tikabali Tahasil, for caste certificate, in order to attach to the application for scholarship of his children. During past four months, he visited the offices of the Tahasildar and the revenue inspector at least ten times. Finally the Tahasildar told him that he could not be given tribal certificate, because he is a Christian and that the Kui Samaj had complained against issuing tribal certificate for him.

Bali Pradhan, brother of above mentioned Prakash, is not a Christian, he is a Hindu. He too cold not get caste certificate, because his brother is a Christian.

Kautilya Pradhan of K Nuagam, applied for caste certificate in June. It’s about 5 months. He has lost all hope of receiving his caste certificate. Kautilya also is not a Christian. He is denied a tribal certificate because his mother was a Christian.

Jacob Pradhan of Bogadi (K Nuagam), is Christian pastor. He even got recommendation of the Kui Samaj, affidavits from present and former Sarpanches. All have vouched that he is a tribal and that he could be given a caste certificate. Still he is not able to get the caste certificate, even though he has been at it for more than 4 months. Jacob says that he is made to feel that he has done a heinous crime by marrying a Pano girl. Jacob is told that his children are not tribals since their mother (wife of Jacob) is a Pano.

Now even if they manage to get tribal certificates, they can’t apply for scholarship because the last date for applying for the scholarship is over. Thus tribal Christians are punished by not allowing them to apply for scholarship or admission for seats in schools / colleges.

There are many more such stories. They all have revenue records to prove that they are Kandho tribals. Concerned officials of the state appear to be biased or being party to persecution of tribal Christians. Cases of denials of caste certificate to Kandho Christians are on the rise since the present collector took charge.

– bro kj markose

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