Kandhamal Christian houses razed & NE Christian NGO Not for Separate Hmar Church

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12 Kandhamal Christian houses razed to the ground

A demolished houseDecember 17, 2012: The local authorities of the village of Raikia (Kandhamal district, Orissa) have demolished 12 houses belonging to Christian families in the area. According to the official explanation, the administration needed the land on which the houses stood to widen the street. In reality, a wealthy landowner has allegedly put pressure on the administration of the district, to take possession of the area. The incident occurred on December 12, but the news has spread only in recent days.

At 11:00 am, local officials and police reached the main road of Raikia, 300 meters from where the houses were located. Shortly after, a bulldozer began the demolition. One of the tenants, Niranjan Samal, a school inspector, tried to protest. The agents arrested him, then had his house demolished. In total, three homes were destroyed, while another nine were partially destroyed.

Sandip Nayak, one of the Christians affected, said: “My mother was served a notice to vacate the house on December 6, because it was on land owned by the government. But she and the other elders have always paid the rent on a regular basis, for years.” According to the young man, the need to widen the road is just an excuse, to hide the hand of Piklu Sabat, a rich entrepreneur of Raikia. In fact, he owns the land behind the houses, and in the past had already tried to buy the homes by offering money to the families. They refused, and the man allegedly corrupted the local officials.

“By depriving the Christians of a roof”, accuses Sajan George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), “the Raikia government has created a new Bethlehem. As Jesus was born in a manger, so these women and children will spend Christmas in the cold, in extreme poverty, abandoned by their own administration.”

Christian group condemns decision for separate church

Oldest Hmar organisation appeals to ICI leaders not to implement decision.

Oldest Hmar organisation appeals to ICI leaders not to implement decisionNew Delhi, December 17, 2012: A Christian group in New Delhi has condemned the Independent Church of India’s (ICI) decision to install a separate church for them from next year.

The Hmar Students’ Association (HSA), in its press release, said that it does not like the idea of a separate Hmar-speaking church to come up in New Delhi as there is already an interdenominational Hmar Christian Fellowship.

Hmar is the name of one of the numerous Mizo/Kuki/Chin tribes of India, spread over a large area in the northeast.

The Hmars belong to the Chin-Kuki-Mizo group of tribes and are recognized as Scheduled Tribe.

They are a small community of less than 100,000 in Assam, although there are more in Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.

The condemnation came after the ICI in its General Assembly 63rd Resolution decided to install a separate church for the group in Delhi.

ICI is an evangelical church, headquartered in Manipur, with a mission to propagate the Gospel across the Indian sub-continent with a major emphasis on the north eastern states of India.

The group believed that such a move by a denominational church would greatly have an impact on the unity and closeness within members of the community.

The HSA leaders said they sincerely hoped that the ICI officials would rethink on the resolution for the “sake of saving and maintaining the unity” of the Hmar people in the national capital.

“As this kind of decision will have far reaching negative consequences, it is our sincere appeal to the ICI officials not to implement their resolution keeping in mind the unity of the Hmar people in Delhi,” the press release stated.

-press release

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