Karnataka Government & Police Shielding Kannada Prabha?

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Blasphemous Jesus Pic with Cigarette and Beer

Protest Email – Have you sent yours? If so, forward to your contact list.

Jesus Pic with Cigarette and Beer GlassAs Christians prepare for CHRISTmas, the Delhi rape case makes the national headlines. Two Minor Dalit Christian girls from Kandhamal were raped too. Nobody notices. Again Odisha Christians falsely accused languishing in prison for 4 years. Who bothers? Check Odisha Report in the India 1 story.

Muslims (Gujarat), Hindus (Kashmir), Sikhs (Delhi) and other communities have rushed to the rescue of their last, lost and even least affected. The Church and Community Needs to Do More. Why, Who, How, What and Where – are questions we will answer in subsequent emails.

As Christians prepare for CHRISTmas,  we need to ponder / reflect on the Kannada Prabha issue:

1. Muslims demonstrate well when blasphemy is committed. How do Christians react?
2. Would any other community tolerate their God shown with a Cigarette and Beer in hand?
3. How would the police and government act, if it was any other religion? Are Christians soft targets?
4. How bold is the media getting in exclusively hurting Christian religious sentiments & getting away?
5. Is it not dereliction of duty if the authorities don’t act or do we assume, they are partners in the crime?

Fr. Ronnie Prabhu, Justice Michael Saldanha, BG Koshy and many others have also protested against the objectionable picture.

Whoever denies me before men, him will I also deny before God, my Father
– Matthew 10:33

Protest Email
Is the delay in corrective action, because we have not sent enough emails? If you haven’t as yet done so, please do now. It makes a difference, as we have seen many times in the past. Details are below.

Email to: vbhat@me.com, abhyagatha@yahoo.co.in, kannadaprabha@gmail.com, by2coffe@gmail.com, csfpost@gmail.com, police@ksp.gov.in, adgpcre@ksp.gov.in, adgpcts@ksp.gov.in, jcpcrm@ksp.gov.in, addlcpcrm@ksp.gov.in, ighq1@ksp.gov.in, igpcre@ksp.gov.in, igpcre@ksp.gov.in, chiefminister@karnataka.gov.in, min-home@karnataka.gov.in, justicekatju@gmail.com

The Editor, Kannada Prabha
& All Others Concerned

Sub: File FIR and Act against Kannada Prabha

Ref: Jesus Pic with Cigarette and Beer published. Would You Do it to the other revered – Prophet Mohammed, Buddha, Ram…?

This is blasphemous and hurts religious sentiments, punishable under section 295 A and other laws. We join The CSF and all those who have protested against the highly objectionable picture that appeared in Kannada Prabha and call you to :

1. Print an unconditional apology in Kannada and English on the front page, mentioning it will not be repeated in future.

2. Withdraw the picture from the internet edition of the newspaper and also place the same apology prominently.

If the same is not done, the authorities marked in this email, are duty-bound to take suo motto cognizance against you, as per law for the cognizable offenses.

Forgiving you also as my faith commands me to.

Thanking you,



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