Karnataka persecution worsens in Devanagere & Hassan Districts

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Davanagere Church and worship meet targeted

Pastor Rajashekhar, Davanagere, Karnataka Karnataka, October 27, 2012: Pastor Rajashekhar (45) is in charge of the Divine Healing Medicine Church in Davanagere, Karnataka, which has a membership of about 1000 believers. The church is in existence from the year 1997, and it has been catering to the spiritual needs of its members and also spreading the message of Christ, the good news of liberation to those who seek the righteous way for a better life on earth and for their salvation in the world to come.

Rev. Rajashekhar organized a 3-day spiritual program of Fasting and Prayer for the members of his church, commencing in the morning on Wednesday 24-10-12 and ending on Thursday, 26-10-12, evening and practically the entire congregation was participating in the program. Everything went on very well during all the 3 days but bust when the program was about to end at about 9.00 pm on Thursday, a huge group of about 200 Hindu radicals forced themselves into the church and mounted an attack against the praying believers with wooden clubs and stones, injuring about 15 believers, and seriously wounding 5 among them who are being treated as in-patients in Chigateri Government Hospital in Davanagere. Most of the members of the radical Hindus are active workers of RSS and the Hindu Jagaran Vedike.

The Hindu radicals were being led by the Hindu Jagaran Vedike and RSS activists like Ramesh Kanade, Manjunath, Ramesh, Veeresh, Santhosh and Yogesh Bhat. As soon as they reached the venue, they ordered them to switch off the milkes alleging that their mikes were disturbing them and that they were also forcibly converting Hindus to Christianity. In the meantime the Sub Inspector Ramesh Kulkur along with 5 police constables also arrived at the venue and began inquiring into the complaint lodged against the Christians by the Hindu fundamentalists. But the rabid radicals without any warning and also without any respect to the police who were inquiring into the incident, ruthlessly attacked the Christians. The Christians silently bore all that was happening in their church.

Later, Pastor Rajashekhar along with the lawyer Mr. Aneesh Pasha and a group of believers went to the KTJ Nagar Police Station and lodged a complaint against the culprits. They also met the Dy S.P Shivakumar Gunare and briefed him about the incident in the church who, immediately moved into action and arrested 5 of the culprits later in the night.  Some of the wounded believers are – Shaila-38, Mark-37, Monica-19, Saroja-63, Dinakar-49, and Santhosh-20, and among those who were seriously wounded and admitted to the hospital are – Naveen-24, Patrick-38, and Alamma-28, besides a couple of other believers. It maybe also quite relevant here to recall to our minds what took place in Davanagere about 4 years ago. It was the same church which was attacked in 2008, though then known by a different name as the Full Gospel Assembly Church, leading to serious repercussions in the State. It is also learnt that it is the same people who also led that attack in 2008.

In 2008, on August 12, the members of the Hindu Jagarana Vedike and Sri Rama Sena began a daylong attack, torturing priests and worshippers, assaulting Christians and destroying churches and church property. The miscreants gathered outside the Full Gospel Assembly Church, Davanagere, in the morning and picketed the church amid a non-stop barrage of abusive slogans against Christianity, pastors and members of the congregation. This continued until 4 p.m., with the police looking on. Far from coming to the aid of Christians, the police, instead, were also a party to the illegal abuse, assault and damage to the church and church property. They had taken the pastor and other members of the congregation into custody and verbally and physically abused them while the mob went on to other churches nearby and stoned those churches as well.

Hassan Believers attacked for refusing to abandon Christ

Karnataka, October 27, 2012: Pastor Surendra, 33, is in charge of a church called Calvary Prarthana Mandira at Javagal in Arasikere Taluk of Hassan District in Karnataka. His house church is 3 years old and he has a congregation of about 30 believers. He lives with his wife Christy Prabha, 30, and a 2 year old daughter, Sheba. Five members of his congregation, who belong to three different families, hail from a village called Boochanahally about 15 Kms from his church, but who regularly attend the worship services on Sundays and any other prayer meetings during the course of the week, though they have accepted Christ only about a year and a half ago.

On 26-10-2012, Friday afternoon, some of the Hindu fundamentalists of their village confronted these five believers and told them in a threatening voice that they should stop attending the church in Javagal with immediate effect since that violates their village traditions of all of them believing only in the Hindu religion and that they should also begin paying their contributions to the local temple immediately and participate in all the temple prayers and worship services as they had been doing for generations and that if they failed to comply with their orders they would be dealt with very severely. The undaunted five believers faced them boldly and told them that they would never give up their faith in Jesus Christ and that neither would they stop attending the church in Javagal whatever the consequences.

Infuriated with their refusal to comply with their demands to give up their faith in Christ and also pay their contributions to the village temple, the Hindu fundamentalists attacked them and severely beat them up. All the five bleeding and wounded believers were rushed to the Chikmagalur Government Hospital where they are undergoing treatment as in-patients. The five simple village believers who fearlessly stood for their faith in Christ Jesus are – Venkatesh, Girish, Annaiah, Somu and Kanakamma. Please pray for them.

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