Kathmandu reacts to Delhi embargo banning Indian schools in Nepal

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children in nepal after earthquakeKathmandu, December 02, 2015: The government of Nepal has decided to ban 14 Indian schools that operate on its territory without valid certification. Some analysts believe that the initiative is a reaction to the Indian embargo on goods exported, which continues to affect the lives of the Nepalese population.

According to the Ministry of Education, in Nepal there are at least 14 schools run by the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), that are  “illegal” under the laws of the country. Sarswati Pokhrel, ministry spokesman, said: “These schools are associated with CBSE but have no legal mandate because the institution does not respect the laws of Nepal. We asked them several times to follow our procedures, but they did not listen. We cannot operate illegal schools that could ruin the future of hundreds of students”.

The spokesman added: “Each school that has ties with foreign countries must have the approval of the Ministry of Education of Nepal. This defines the criteria and documents required to be submitted, but these schools were reluctant to produce them, perhaps because they do not possess them. So we will not allow any school to operate illegally against the law. Not only are they banned, but their association to the concerned country has been cancelled”.

Some analysts argue that the decision to ban Indian schools is a reaction to the undeclared embargo that India has imposed on Nepal since it adopted its first secular constitution. It would therefore be an initiative against the claim of domination by India. Professor Bidhanath Koirala said: “The government should have transferred students to other schools, before adopting the measure. Now it threatens the future of hundreds of students”.

The climate of tension between the two countries has also affected the work of Parliament which yesterday suspended the session after derogatory chants sung by the Nepal Workers Party. Its members demanded the expulsion of the Indian Ranjit Rae.

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