Kerala Church attacker confesses role of Hindu radical organisation RSS

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Kerala, January 28, 2017: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh worker from Kerala’s Kannur district who had earlier alleged that the RSS tried to kill him t,on Saturday that he was mentally and physically tortured.

Vishnu, the RSS worker, at the hospital and said that all allegations should be inquired..Vishnu alleged that the organisation (RSS)he worked for 18 years wanted to kill him after making him write a suicide note blaming his death on Jayarajan. He alleged that for almost a month he was held captive and tortured mentally. by RSS

I have been working for the RSS for the last 18 years. But during the elections, things changed in the RSS,” he told CNN News18.

Kannan, an accused in Kannur’s Dhanraj murder case took over as a pracharak. Problems intensified in Kannur after he came there. When there was nothing happening, we ourselves created tension to keep the area active.

Vishnu said that he along with a few others questioned the action but Kannan was not listening to what they had to say. He then informed the police about Kannan, which is why the RSS was angry with him.

“On December 15 some RSS workers I knew picked me up in a car. As soon as I got in I knew something was wrong but I was unable to get out. When I put my hand at the back of the vehicle I found a sword,” he said.

“I was to a place in Thiruvananthapuram where there were many RSS leaders. They asked me whether I told to police about Kannan and I said yes,” he added.He said he said he along with other RSS workers attacked a Pentecostal church in Attingal (Kerala).He said that after a period of time he was asked to write a suicide note, saying that he was committing suicide due to the mental torture of Jayarajan.

“I know the mental state of our people, I utilized that to escape. They kept shifting me to several RSS offices and some houses during this whole time. Finally I escaped last Sunday when they left me alone in a RSS office.

He told CNN News18 that at several places the BJP’S flags were destroyed by RSS- BJP workers themselves and the blame was put on the CPM. Apart from this, he said he said he along with other RSS workers attacked a Pentecostal church in Attingal and stopped vehicles which came with bulls during Ramzan.

“Some time back there was an attack on an Attingal Pentecost church, I was part of that. During Ramzan time when a vehicle came with bulls, we stopped the vehicle and picked fights with Popular front…I asked why we are doing this but got no response,” he said.

“In many places we have damaged BJP flags ourselves and Put the blame on the CPI(M), then tension intensified in that area,” he added.

Vishnu also said that three of his friends who were with the RSS are missing and he is worried about their safety.

However, RSS denies all these allegations. They say Vishnu was not even an active worker of the organisation and this is a plot hatched by the CPI(M).

A special investigation team led by control room assistant commissioner will look into the allegations made by Vishnu. A case has been registered for kidnapping, torturing, unlawful assembly and rioting.

– news18

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