Kerala Jurist stresses women’s right to enter altar of churches

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Pathanamthitta, November 22, 2016: Former Supreme Court Judge K.T. Thomas has called upon the church to think of liturgical improvement and to ensure women’s participation in liturgy in tune with the changing times.

Justice Thomas was delivering a lecture on ‘Renaissance, reformation, and missionaries’ at the Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church at Kuttappuzha, near Thiruvalla, on Nov 20.

According to him, nowhere in the Holy Bible there was any reference prohibiting women’s entry to the Madbaha or altar.

Justice Thomas said he had made such a statement under the inspiration of the Indian Constitution that categorically upheld gender justice.

He said the Constitution had prescribed the fundamental right “to develop the scientific temper, humanism, and the spirit of inquiry and reform.”

In the Christian perspective, reformation has got three aspects — theological, liturgical, and sociological. To develop the spirit of reformation was the fundamental right of every Indian citizen, he said.

Justice Thomas said the Churches should update the interpretations of the Holy Bible in this fast-changing computer era. Updation of the Holy Bible in tune with the changing times was a necessity to make the theological and liturgical reformation a continuing process, he said.

He said religion had a tendency to live in orthodoxy, antiquity, primitivism, and archaism and a liberation from this could be possible through the process of reformation.

He said there was no meaning in restricting the Gospel to 66 books. The Book of Revelation was added to the Gospel in the 11th century.

Hence the very concept of restricting the Gospel to mere 66 books should be reviewed. The Church should explore the possibility of adding the experiences and sermons of evangelists like Thomas Norton, Benjamin Bailey, etc. to it he said.

Justice Thomas said the World Council of Churches and the Catholic Church could very well take a joint initiative in this regard. He said the religion could move ahead in a scientific world only through such reformation processes.

Philip N. Thomas, former general secretary of Kerala Council of Churches; Fr. Abraham P. Athyal, theologian; and Fr. Abraham C. Mathew, parish priest, also spoke.

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4 Responses to “Kerala Jurist stresses women’s right to enter altar of churches”
  1. Shanti says:

    Let us all work for the needy, the marginalized, education, peace, unity, etc., stop wasting time on power politics within the church. its time we took a closer look on the future of the church the bringing up of Youth. The massacre that is going on in the name of religion.. right to a girl child. education for all, especially catholic to study in catholic schools, education has become very expensive. Higher studies for our minority community, as there is no help from the Government.

    People are wanting in basic needs, equal opportunities for this is still a far cry. The nuns are doing excellent service to the humanity and the church, do not disturb them, and be the cause for divisions, that is the work of the enemy. fight for power and position and status.

  2. Shanti says:

    Today`s women are working, and the children are neglected, money is important but can it be at the cost of the future generations!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The mother is the best guide and homemaker, but today its very rare to find a mother at home.

    Politicizing this will only become cheap publicity. I am a mother and I know what I am writing. The Holy spirit guide the chosen ones from being cause from dissensions.

    We respect our dear sisters for the loving selfless service to society at large. none can repay them, not enough words to thank the sisters for the gratitude to humanity. kudos to all sisters who have given their life to Jesus.

  3. Shanti says:

    with due respect Mr. Thomas, there are lot of social causes which need to be looked into, environment for example, this is Gods world, and Kerala is Gods own country,, pls join to save India and planet. Making it a better environment for all.

  4. Shanti says:

    Gods Bless Mr. Thomas and protect him from all dangers.

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