Kolkotta: Another Anglo Indian family in dire straits

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What does a Christian do in a situation like this?
Here is another Anglo Indian family in dire straits

The CSFAfter the recent case of the Anglo-Indian raped in West Bengal, The CSF has been approached by a family, who is literally living on the streets, thanks to the authorities turning a Nelson’s eye and deaf ear to their travails. Here are excerpts of the a widow, Mrs. Patsy Rixon, whose life and that of her children and grand-children, are threatened by anti-social elements, with political patronage.

We are taking up the issue with those concerned, but given the long history, which is shocking, The CSF is confident, we need you to pitch in by copying the request below and emailing it to those, who need to investigate and act. And of course pray for Mrs. Rixon and family too.

The CSF Appeal to the Authorities

To : governor-wb@nic.in, secy-gov-wb@nic.in, cm@wb.gov.in, cm@wb.nic.in, mamata.sansad@sansad.nic.in, whabibullah@nic.in, ncw@nic.in, chairnhrc@nic.in, ro-ncm@nic.in, chairperson@wbcw.org, wbhrc@cal3.vsnl.net.in, shows@derek.co.in, cmcmayor@vsnl.net, mayor@kmcgov.in, wbhrc8@bsnl.in, csfpost@gmail.com, carltonarixon@gmail.com, aitmc@aitmc.org, youth_students@aitmc.org, abhishek@aitmc.org, governance@aitmc.org 
Dear Decision-maker,
Our attention has been drawn by The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (CSF) to the persecution of Mrs. Patsy Rixon, an Anglo-Indian widow senior citizen, her children and grand children by anti-social elements, which is shocking – to say the least. The Rixon family is contactable at No. 2 Waliullah Lane of Ward # 62 (PS – Taltala) of Kolkata – 16. Mobile No. 9331447182 Email: patsyrixon999@hotmail.com
India prides itself for upkeeping basic human rights and rule of law, besides constitutional freedoms. We would therefore urge you to urgently intervene in this case and help the victims on humanitarian grounds, if nothing else. The CSF has contacted your office or is contactable at csfpost@gmail.com
Thanking you, with regards,
Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Rixon, an Anglo Indian Widow and Her Family’s Request for Help

Dear Joseph Dias,

Please read this letter in full as lives are at stake! My name is Ms. Patsy Rixon, a widow, and I & my children and grandchildren reside at No. 2 Waliullah Lane of Ward # 62 (PS – Taltala) of Kolkata – 16. We are an Anglo-Indian Christian family—full citizens of our beloved India. As a matter of fact, we are the only such family in the area living among lakhs of Muslims. My family has lived here for nearly 100 years with over three generations, always peacefully until now. Since 2003, Zubair Safvi, his son Ibrahim Safvi alias Bablu and others have repeatedly persecuted my family and me. They have used local politics, as well as religion, along with might and manipulative maneuvering to try and evict us unlawfully and forcefully from our home, so they can use the property for themselves illegally.
At one time, back in 1991, the aforementioned son, Ibrahim Safvi alias Bablu, was driven out of the area by the local people because of his nefarious deeds. He travelled abroad to many places including Pakistan and the US. He returned with lots of money and began his campaign to take our property by any means necessary. It was reported that he was deported because of some illegal activities on his part, and he was forced to return to India.

We have faithfully paid rent and are up-to-date and current on the property as we always have been. We have also paid taxes for the property directly to the KMC as a letter requesting all undue taxes be paid was left at our entrance. Yet these people have refused to allow us to fix our roof which has been leaking and now only one room has any roof portion left on it! As for all the other rooms, the roof has completely collapsed and is gone – open to the sky. That one room is in danger of collapsing now too causing possible death and certain harm to my family and the neighbours, if the walls should go as well this monsoons. We are trying to hold the place together with bamboos and plastics. The parapet walls are in peril of collapsing first doing untold harm to the vicinity. Who would be responsible if someone got seriously hurt or something more worse happened?
The CSFThrough local influence and arm twisting, this group has managed to prevent us from making any repairs to the house thus its present deteriorated condition, in hopes we would leave due to the destitute conditions. On the 3rd of September 2009, they illegally entered into my home by force backed by a multitude of people which they stirred up as a mob, through lies and deceit in order to terrorize my family and me. On that day, they completely destroyed one room of my home. This is not the first time they have stormed our home and stirred up mobs against us with their many lies, trying to scare our family into forcing us to move out of fear. Many times as often as 3-4 times a year they have come trying to evict us from our home in such a manner.
We have all the proper documents from the Building Commission to proceed with the necessary work on our home. We have been to all the authorities for many years seeking help in this matter, yet no one has come to explain to us why we cannot fix our roof nor has anyone come to aid us against the aggression of these people. We have the permission to make the repairs, but these individuals refuse to allow us to do so. Our landlord whom we pay rent to has agreed in full along with many family members for us to make the repairs and to continue to live in peace here. By using politics, religion and corrupt power, these people have managed to along with many other sources prevent us from getting any kind of justice whatsoever. We are ignored as we are a family in the minority who is minimalized and marginalized in both religion and politics as they have used both greatly to their favor. We do not have the money to buy our way through the system as they are doing nor do we desire to do any violence or harm to anyone. We just want peace, and we want our basic fundamental human rights of a roof over our heads. 
The CSFWe have gone to the courts, been to the Writer’s Building, Police Headquarters, the Governor’s Mansion, the KMC, and contacted our MLA and MP as well so many times. Hundreds of letters, emails, documents, pictures, videos, and any media we could have used, has been sent to every authority we knew. Yet no one has come to help us nor to explain why we cannot just fix our roof and live peaceably in our home. Only these persons stand in our way. Many phone calls have been made and we have been to see many authorities, but only the reply that we ever got was that someone will look into it. We have had no response to date after so many years of writing, calling, and visiting offices…
All the powers-that-be we have contacted are safe in their offices and sleep nicely in their homes, at night while we struggle to live and battle the monsoon floods, with very little respite to even hope for some rest at times. We are simply forgotten as if we do not exist.
No one enters into a home illegally and tears down the walls, especially in the sight of small children who just moments prior were sleeping in the spot where the attacks took place. It is against the law, yet when we contacted the police many times, there was no response. When these people come with their mobs, their iron bars, etc. by force and hurt us, even causing some members of our family to the hospital – all that the authorities say is that someone would look into the matter. Who can stop such a mob as thousands stormed the streets thinking they were honoring their God and their community.
We have gone out in the streets many times marching with banners even to the Governor’s Mansion. We have gathered hundreds of signatures. We have appealed to the Minorities Commission as well as the Human Rights Commission. Recently, we took our story online over the internet too, as the media has ignored us as well.
Where do we turn to and find justice? Who do we look to? We are inspired by our nation’s rich heritage of non-violent protests against such aggression, yet we can hardly believe that such aggression can still plague the common people of our nation today! And we have learnt we are not alone. This happens all the time. We are just peacefully trying to take a stand, while continuously being ignored by the system meant to protect us. We are trying to set a precedent of change to stop this evil aggression against the common citizens, who are left to fall through the cracks of our justice system.
Please help us in any way you can! We do not know where else to turn, so we turned to you! As you can imagine and see for yourself by just making a visit to our home to see for yourself its present condition. We just desire that we live in peace in the home of our ancestors. We just want a roof over our heads. Is that too much to ask for?  We just want peace! Someone please help us! We pray to God for help!
The Patsy Rixon Family

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