Lessons from the life of Ruth

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see a play on Ruth. It struck me that Ruth isn’t remembered for her mighty deeds or great acts of service. She isn’t remembered for saying the perfect thing or even saying anything profound. In fact, the word “God” is hardly used in the book of Ruth. Yet Ruth’s life has spoken volumes to men and women throughout the ages. Ruth lived the life of a servant—she completely abandoned to God, giving up all hopes she had for a future and “wasting” her life carrying for an elderly, bitter mother-in-law.

Ruth could have lost herself in self-pity. She could have worried about her future. She could have chosen to live life for herself. Instead, she willingly went back to Judea with her mother-in-law, though it seemed she had no future there at all. It was her life of joyful surrender, not her words or great deeds, that encouraged both her mother-in-law and believers throughout the centuries.

The Lord has been using Ruth’s life to remind me of the importance and joy of surrendering to God and living like a servant on a daily basis. The other day, I was making pancakes for my dad with half a heart when it dawned on me that I was missing an opportunity to live in abandonment to God. I needed to stop grumbling in my heart, surrender my other plans, and rejoice in the opportunity to serve even in something as trivial as making pancakes.

Today, I would encourage you to choose to rejoice in what God has given you, even if it seems like a “waste.” View yourself as His servant and the menial tasks before you as heaven-sent opportunities to serve. Give your plans, wishes, and future to God in simple trust and resolve to live today as a servant.

– christian perspective

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