Let’s free physical fitness from religious and political agenda: Popular Front

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Popular Front of India (PFI)New Delhi, June 19, 2015: In the run up to the International Day of Yoga on June 21, K M Shareef, the Popular Front of India (PFI) chairman, on Friday requested all sections of the society to refrain from mixing religious and political agenda into Yoga and other physical fitness practices.

“Since Yoga has evolved into thousands of variants as it prevails today, those who insist adding ‘Suryanamaskar’ to it are led by motives other than that of physical well-being of the people. The ongoing Yoga campaigns by the government with the Hindutva outfits acting as key players have brought in apprehension among minorities because of the religious fervour added to it,” Shareef said in a statement.

He pointed out that this is happening in spite of the official position that Suryanamaskar would not be part of Yoga demonstrations. He cited that some ‘Yogasanas’ have been included in the Physical Education programme of Popular Front of India since its declaration in 2007 and its members did not relate the same to religion or politics, Muhammad Arif Ahmed, PFI’s director, Media and Public Relations, informed in the statement.

“Publicising and demonstrating Yoga and other forms of physicals exercises were carried by Popular Front as part of its annual campaign ‘Healthy People, Healthy Nation’ during these years,” Shareef sought to remind and added, “These campaigns were well received by the minority communities proving that now they have shown apprehension only when majoritarian festive mood is being created by Hindutva groups in the name of popularising Yoga.”

Shareef has also announced the decision of PFI to hold its annual ‘Healthy People, Healthy Nation’ campaign for the year 2015 during October 1-15, the release added.

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