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Sh…..! Don’t talk, be silent. The world is on its toes to strive for high ideas and everywhere life is full of heroism. The virtues of perfection and competition echo in the minds of every parent which they experiment on their young minds.
“Listen to me, someone listen to me, I too have my story, listen to me”, is the lonely cry of a child today. “Students don’t talk, be silent”, is the normal song of a teacher, during class ours. Absolutely there is no chance for a child to speak.
Then after lunch break, children are busy finishing their assignments. Games time is substituted to learn computer. In system like CBSC or ICSC, a child may not have talked to his classmate for months together or a child may not be aware that his/her friend is absent for many days, because present interaction remains only at the intellectual level and fails reach the heart. The chains of punishments are the common remedy made use of by teachers to silence the children which gradually instills fear in them.
A child comes to school with its lonely face, remains lonely and goes back home carrying loneliness. When a child takes two steps down from school premises with his/her friends, school bus will be ready to separate them. Silence is as sweet as honey but is it wise to insert our head into the nest of the bees in order to taste honey? Alas! Great will be the result.
A child reaches home but finds no one except a few servants. Hot Tiffin and tea are ready but the child is not happy. It is in search of someone to share its day’s experience but finds none. Soon after tea, the child runs to the room to finish its heavy homework.
Then it hears a voice, “hurry up, baby, hurry up, it is already time for tuition, fast, you need to be quick”. The child returns home, when it is almost dark. For months together, it has not seen a play ground because the child is busy with its intellectual work. In the context of a city, children are not aware, who is the nest door neighbor. TV, music and modern technologies are the only companions at home.
When the mother is very busy on the phone, conversing with her friends the child comes to the mother and says, “Mamma”. “Sh…..! Your mamma is very busy, go to your room and study!” is the answer of a mother. At the corner of a room daddy is confined to his desk with some files or computer, continuing his second shift of office work at home. So naturally to child has no opportunity to speak to daddy.
The child comes to dining hall and the table is set. Delicious dinner is ready. But there is no one to accompany the child. And yet again after the dinner TV becomes its only companion because parents are busy discussing office matters, the future of the child, the problems of the country, the problems in neihbourhood etc… Parents you are discussing the future of the child, but what about the present? The same story continues in the morning because before child could get up, parents are out of the house. A child lives a lonely circle of life.
Parents your child wants to shout, scream, laugh, play, share and recreate that means it desires to recreate itself once again. The fountain force of emotions and feelings of children are tied up in their subconscious level as a volcanic force. A time comes, when the volcano will burst into a tsunami and great will be its tragedy.
Parents if you’re grown up children are not on the track, don’t ask the children for reason, rather ask yourself. If they are all the time on the cell phone or not relating to you in a proper manner, don’t question your children, but question yourself. Parents let your child speak; let it have a holistic and an integrated life.
– fwd: christable frank

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