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“I (God) will instruct them, so they will learn always to reverence me,
and so that they can teach my laws to their children” (Deuteronomy 4:10).

I was staying with two of my granddaughters.
We agreed it wasn’t babysitting anymore because after all they were six and eight years old now.

They were having a bedtime snack when I noticed a Bible verse on the fridge door.
“Is this your memory verse for this week?” I asked.

Verse of the week

“Yes,” one of them replied, “but I don’t memorize it until Saturday night, so I won’t forget it.”
“It says, ‘God has created us to do good works.’

God created us

What does good works mean to you?” I asked.
“How do you do good works?”
I was surprised at how eager they were to discuss the question and ready with answers.
“Worship God,” said Mercedes.

Worship God

“Yes, you are right, but how do you do good works at home,
with your mom and sister?” “Be kind, share.”

Be Kind

It was exciting to hear them answer these questions.
And then we all prayed and asked God to help us do “good works.”

Good works

How encouraging!
I could tell they were accustomed to having talks about Bible verses and praying.

Their mother has been faithfully teaching them.
Five generations (maybe more) of Christian parents in our families
have been and are teaching their children to follow and obey God.

Teaching the Bible

It is good to think ahead.
A parent (or grandparent) not only teaches their child to love and obey God for their own benefits,
but because they in turn will influence future generations.

What you teach your children today will be passed on to many others.
God’s Word will bear fruit.

– fwd: v c mathews

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